Sunday, November 2, 2008

Love Dare - Day 14: Love Takes Delight

Today is a very busy day here in B Manor. So, if you will forgive me, I am gonna skip the recap of yesterday and be brief with today's dare.

See, today is "Hattie Day" - four years ago today our sweet Hattie Grace came to live with us. And, by the Grace of our Sweet Lord, she came to stay. Her adoption was not for another 16 months, but from day 1 we knew she was a part of our forever family. Thank You Father for keeping your promises! Here is a little glimpse of what she looked like back then:

Awww, so sweet:)

Anyhoo, on to today!

"Enjoy life with the wife that you love all the days of your fleeting life." - Eccl. 9:9

Do you enjoy being with the one that you married? I mean, really ENJOY it?! As much as when you first got married? It is possible - even when you know that he leaves a trail of dirty clothes from the bedroom door to his side of the bed as he gets in it at night. Even when she forgets to put the driver's seat back where she found it after driving your car, changes the channel during the football game while you are mowing the lawn and now you can't just rewind to see that your team won IN THE LAST 7 SECONDS!!! And even when she leaves all of her makeup, hair products, lotions and moisturisers all over your side of the sink. Oh, yes, even then!

You see, just like love is a choice you make, so is delight. You can choose to over look a few things (we all know you did when you were dating - even to the point of thinking that they were charming!!). Instead of seeing the mess on the counter, CHOOSE to see that she takes a lot of interest in looking her best for you. Instead of seeing the trail of dirty clothes, CHOOSE to see that he has worked so hard all day long, in an effort to support his family, that he is too tired to put them in the dirty clothes.

In other words, CHOOSE to love them just the way that they are ... and then choose to LIKE them too.

And if you need a little help in regards to what to look for in them to find the attraction again, read Song Of Solomon. Oh boy, our God didn't just write us a love letter, He gave us a romance instruction manual too!!! Good stuff my friends, good stuff!.

Today's Dare
Purposefully neglect and activity you would normally do so you can
spend quality time with your spouse. Do something he or she
would love to do or a project they'd really like to work on.
Just be together.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but, I say that closeness makes a few other things grow too .... Try it, I think you will like it!

Have a great day and, remember, I am praying for you!

See ya tomorrow!

3 of ya left some love:

Jenn said...

Oh-- I haven't decided on a look for my blog. If anything, I might just change the white background to another color.
I'm not familar with the love to dare.. but I am reading back to day 1. I will have to take a peek more often. I have fallen behind on reading blogs and keeping up to date.

calista said...

I'm takin' the dare!

Daniell said...

Im reading the Love Dare book at home and came across this website because I forgot to read todays dare. I really like it. My husband has had 5 affairs and asked me for a divorce in November. I know that I have a powerful God that can work miracles and can change his heart and mind. He says that he doesnt love me anymore but I know that he does because when we are together things seems fine better than ever. Its when he is away that things arent ok (he is a truck driver)