Friday, August 22, 2008

In A Tight Spot

Last summer when my Mom was here we did a LOT of shopping. The biggest task was to get Hattie's new big girl room ready so that her old room could be used for the nursery for the new baby. We were just beginning to feel confident that we were going to get to adopt Kim's baby, whom we knew was a girl. A girl we named Sophie Lee. So we set out to give Hattie a room to fit her personality and celebrate all she is!!!

One day, while we were shopping Hattie spotted a little something in Babies-R-Us that she wanted. And I do mean a LITTLE something. And my mom, being the overindulging Grandma that we all know and love, bought it for her.

That "little something" was a kangaroo Halloween costume.

We looked for it in her size, but the biggest we could find was a 6 month size. SIX MONTHS!!! Sophie - under EXTREME protest from Hattie, wore it for all of 10 minutes on Halloween. Just long enough to take the picture above. Since then (and even before then) Hattie has taken full ownership of the stinking thing.

And then today we were hanging out having a "pajama day" - one of those days when we go nowhere and do nothing ALL DAY LONG! It is one of our favorite things to do!!! (The only thing better than PJ Friday, is PJ Saturday - when Daddy can join us!!) Sophie was down for a nap and Hattie was amusing herself and I was working on a project for church (ps - writing a short version of your own testimony is H.A.R.D!!). Suddenly, Hattie came up to me and asked for help. She was trying to put the kangaroo costume on! She had her feet in it and wanted help getting her arms in.

I giggled and tried to explain that it was too small for her, that it was for a baby and she was a big girl. I told her I could not help her because there was no way she was gonna get the costume on.

A few minutes later she came up asking for help again. This time her arms were in (creating a wedgie to be reckoned with!!!) and she wanted help putting her head in. Again I told her it was too small and I could not help her. Undaunted, she just kept trying, and eventually got her head stuck half in and half out. As I was trying to get her head OUT, she found an opportunity to put it all the way IN. She was so proud that she started dancing around and I fell on the floor laughing. Here is what I saw ...

And THIS is how proud of herself she was ...

Then I asked her to show me her tail ...

I think my favorite part - other than the fact that she is sticking her little hiney straight up in the air - is the nightie sticking out of the back.

On a side note, Steve called in the middle of all of this and I was laughing so hard it took about ten minutes to explain - in a language that he could understand - what was happening!!

I am still CRYING from laughing so hard!

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, I LOVE this girl!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - A Ride In The Park ...

... or at least the subdivision!!!

So on Saturday Hubby fixed the tires on all of the bikes and the trailer, so we put the new helmets on the girls ...

... and we took us a little ride around the neighborhood so we could see all of this...

... but, really, for Hattie to be content, all we really have to do is BE outside!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Thoughts

Here are a few thoughts on the Olympics - these are the viewpoints of the writer and the writer alone, and do not necessarily represent the views of the blog administrator ('cause, the writer, she has been up to all hours all week trying to watch the stinkin' Olympics, and is liable to go on a tangent!!!).

First of all - the opening ceremonies. I know that everyone is talking about how spectacular they were. I don't get it. At one point I looked at hubby and told him they coulda saved millions by just painting a wall and letting us watch it dry. The only parts of the ceremonies that I enjoyed - the fireworks and the little girl singing - turned out to be LIES!!!!!!!! Fireworks - superimposed into the picture (not quite sure how that worked, but that's what I have heard), and the little girl - lip syncing. 'Cause some foolio in the Chinese government decided that the girl who actually sang it was not cute enough ... WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Oh, don't get me started!

Gymnastics - I so wish I would have taken stock out in the Goody hair product company. Because, clearly, if the gymnasts of the world have anything to say about it, this ...
... is the next big hair trend. And the more the better - seriously, how many of these can one "sixteen year old" gymnast get on her tiny head?!?!?!

SIXTEEN?!?!?!?!?!?! -

ummm, yeah, sure. And the "cute" girl sang too, right?

Gymnastic scoring - First of all, I don't understand it - I miss the perfect 10 (GO MARY LOU!!! - who, 24 years and four kids later, is still rockin' ... and BUFF!!!). Second of all, let's just say that it's a good thing Nastia won, cause I was ready to go kick some judge tushies!!! In all my "1 o'clock in the morning and I am STILL up watching the Olympics" glory!!!

Heroes - I have two, so far, in these games:
First off, this person ...

Nope, not Michael (although, ummm, WOW!!!!!), but his mom!!!! I LOVE to watch this woman watch her son. She ROCKS!!!!!

and then there's THIS lady ...

Dara Torres - 41 years old and she gets two silver medals (the first, she missed the gold by one/100th of a second!!! AND, she was older than the gold and bronze medalists COMBINED!!!!!). PLUS - before the final, one of the other girls ripped her suit and Dara asked the officials to wait for her and TOLD the other girls that they would ALL be waiting for her to get ready. 'Cause, ya know, she is a mom and can talk to these children that way!!! LOVE HER!!!

There ya have it. My thoughts. I am sure there will be more, but I gotta get ready for church.

Have a great Lord's day!!!!!!

Praise Him LOUD!