Friday, April 17, 2009

8 Things (AKA Tag, I'm It!)

My Bloggy Friend LuAnn tagged me. So I guess I am it...

(I'm supposed to list 8 things in each category and then tag 8 other people)

Here we go:

8 Things I am Looking Forward To
1- Flip Flop Weather
2- A visit from my mommy (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)
3- Summer hang time with Cherry T
4- Some kind - ANY kind - of mini vacation with my fam this summer
5- My Daddy's B-day in Dec.
6- Mondays when Hubby is off
7- My anniversary in June
8- HEAVEN (saved the best for last!!!)

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1- Stayed in my jammies all day (even put fresh ones on after the shower!)
2- Vacuumed the whole house from ONE plug!
3- Cleaned the kitchen
4- Allowed Hattie to have a PopTart for dessert after dinner
5- Regretted that choice at 10PM when she was still bouncin off the walls in her bedroom
6- Hung with my PBFF Beth Moore .... or at least a DVD of Beth :)
7- Opened EVERY SINGLE WINDOW IN MY HOUSE to let the fresh air in
8- Facebook/Twitter/Blog Hopping

8 Things I wish I could Do
1- Cure Cancer
2- Have one more chat with Paula
3- Sing like Martina McBride/Carrie Underwood/Bernadette Caulley
4- Act Like Meryl Streep
5- Hug Julie Andrews
8- Live next door to my mommy (and the rest of my fRamily)

8 Shows I Watch
1- American Idol
2- Survivor
3- Biggest Loser
5- What Not To Wear
6- Army Wives
7- Hallmark Channel/Lifetime/HGTV/DIY
8- Amazing Race

8 People I Tag
1- The
2- Eight
3- People
4- Who
5- Read
6- This
7- Blog
8- Period

(So, I cheated ... sue me!)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Before And After ...

Things here in B Manor are really starting to take shape, so I figured it was time to give y'all a tour. Unfortunately, the camera ran outta batteries before I was done and - you guessed it! - I have NO idea where batteries are!

But, here is what we have so far. In fine before and after fashion:

Before: I think we all remember the blue. And how, ya know, the blue gave ME the blues...

After - We used neutral colors (had to be approved by the owner!!!) and only painted over where the blue had been. But this is just a taste of the after in the living room... *this is about when the batteries died.*

Here are a couple of shots of the hallway - I had no before shots for these, but they were, ummmm, BLUE!!!!

This is Sophie's room before ...

... and after.
She was SOOOOOO excited to see these on her wall. I think this is when it became "home" to her!

Not really happy with the white walls, but we needed to be thrifty and not spend a ton of money on paint and stuff :)

Hattie's room before ...

... and after.
We kept her beachy theme going since she loved it so much in the old house.

Bathroom before ...

... and after ...

And the master bedroom, before ...

... and after ...

This is some of my Grandma's art work on the left (she took painting lessons in her late 80's and early 90's! What a woman!) and the painting on the right is from a benefit worship concert for Paula's family after she passed away. Our artist friend Kathy painted it as her act of worship during the concert and they auctioned it afterwards. Hubbs made sure I got it! LOVE HIM!!!

So, that is what we have so far.

I gotta tell ya that I am LOVING the coziness of this house. The other day I was cleaning and realized that, if I use a plug in the living room near the hall, I can vacuum the ENTIRE house from one plug. I am sure that this would sadden some, but I did a little praise dance!

We are so very thankful for God's provision of this home and for the wonderful fRamily members who chipped in and gave of themselves to make it a home for us. We do not know what we would do with out y'all!

We are truly Blessed in His Sweet Abundance!!!!!!!