Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bloggy Love

My sweet bloggy friend Calista (Can I Get A Witness?) gave me some bloggy love yesterday. Isn't it pretty - it's my first blog award!! I would like to thank the academy and all of the little people ... JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

I WOULD like to thank Calista though:)

And, as with all things good, now I must work for it...

I am supposed to list six things that make me happy and then pass the bloggy love on. First I will list my six happies. Of course the thing that makes me HAPPIEST is not a "thing" at all, but a great big loving God from whom everything else comes. HE is a given, so I will list six things that HE has given me:

1. My family - Hubby, the love of my life and my best friend - life without you would be no life at all. Steven and Chris - you accepted me as step mom and chose to love me. You will never know what that means. Mindy - in less than a month you will be our daughter in love, as if we needed confirmation of that:) Hattie and Sophie - being your mommy is the best job I have ever had, you are the sunshine of my days and I love you to the moon and back a thousand times. Watching the girls you are becoming and the ways you are growing everyday, both humbles and amazes me.

2. My fRamily - Friends as close as family and framily I would choose for friends. Where would I be without all of you. Especially my mommy - my "other" best friend!!!

3. My home - My man has given me the house of my dreams - a big front porch, back deck, mature trees swaying in the breeze .... heaven on earth!

4. My church home - After leaving the old one behind, we never thought we would feel so at home, but thanks to Andy, Eric, Mike and Aron, as well as all of the other leaders at MCC, we have found a true HOME and FAMILY. Praise God for Changed People Reaching People for Christ!!!! And they truly are all that they claim to be!

5. My Computer - I know this is silly, but since I started blogging (thanks to my PBFF Beth Moore), I have discovered a whole community of friends and siestas who come together in prayer and praise and actual genuine love and affection ... only God, my friends!! Only God!

6. Seasons - Spent most of my life in a place where it is either hot or hotter (except for maybe two weeks in January where you may need a coat when you leave the house in the morning), so I LOVE seeing the changing seasons and all of the beautiful pictures that God paints for me through it all. As I speak I can look out my window and see trees with multi colored leaves - today they are green and just turning to gold, red, yellow and orange, in a few weeks they will be bare and covered in white fluffy snow, followed by the whites, pinks, purples and yellows of Spring and the vibrant greens of summer. WOW! Thank you Father!!!

Now, to share the bloginess ...

I am supposed to pick two (at least that is what Calista did), so I am picking one from Bloggy world and one from MCC world (closing my eyes and pointing, so as to be fair and square!!).....

SuperModel - I'm Still Clay

I wish I could pick more, I really do.

Don't be mad if I didn't pick you ... confrontation and disappointing others is one that makes me UNhappy:(

You still love me right?!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hot For The Holidays - Week 5

Hot for the Holidays

OK, I have finally caught up from the 5 pound Breast Cancer 3day fiasco. I lost the extra 2 lbs this week and then an additional .3!!! Isn't that just thrilling? I am down .3!

Yeah, not so much!

But, seeing as how the tally for the week is 2.3 down from last week, I will take it! Gladly!

So, in summation, I have lost 5.3 total (I think, I am getting lost in all of this math!!!!). I had lost 5ish, gained 5 on the 3day event and have lost those 5 and .3 more. So, I am resetting the scale at this total and we will go from here. So as to avoid any further math related confusion.

Math smart, I am not. No siree. I think the only reason I ever passed math in school was so the teacher could pass me off to the next sucker and not have to have me in their class again!!!

PS - for more entertaining reading scroll down. Or, ya know, visit another blog. Whatever works for ya!

PPS - do ya think if I do my "90 Day Total Body Makeover" DVD 3 times a day I can get that new body in 30 days? 'Cause that's when I need it.

Yeah, this nice hole, dug it all by myself. Thank you very much!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Seriously, Where DO They Put It?

So, today Miss Belle came to play. Her Daddy is in Atlanta hanging out with some big name Christian Celebrities. BIG names, like BILLY GRAHAM!!! But hey, I am not jealous or anything. Nope. Not me!!! Anyhoo, Belle's Mommy is holdin' down the fort and she had to work today. 'Cause that tiny, cute, super adorable woman is totally smart too. She's an RN and she is on duty. So, Belle came to our house to play. Yay us!!!!

Now, Belle is a year older than Sophie, but is a bit smaller. She weighs probably HALF as much as Sophie (who weighed in at a whopping 29 lbs. this morning!!!!). Sophie is a baby and, thus, a fairly light eater - by most standards. And Hattie, oh sweet Hattie, well, she's not an eater at all.


For the most part, when Belle is here, it is like pulling teeth to get anyone of them to eat - well, except for Sophie. Sophie eats. But she is only ONE. But today the three of them decided, simultaneously, that they were FAMISHED beyond all reason. They converged upon me and began wailing and crying for food. I could not get it made fast enough.

While I cooked I let them play drum line so as to keep 'em out of my hair. And they were OK with that, until they saw me take the pan to the table. At which point they abandoned those pans quicker than lightning.

Then they proceeded to eat like nobody's business. Don't believe me, I have evidence. I made two boxes of Mac and Cheese.


I made the whole grain variety because I figured Hubby and I would eat the leftovers. And we all know that processed, powdered, make believe cheese substance is WAY more healthy on whole grain noodles.

DUH! That's just common sense y'all.

I did not figure on each of these little girls having at least four bowls each. FOUR BOWLS!!! I am fairly sure that Miss Belle ate MORE than her weight in MacNCheese.

Note - Photographic evidence that Hattie eats something besides Chicken Dinos, Pizza and birthday cake!

Do you see the empty tray - it was full when I turned to get the camera!


Check the pan for yourself!

Yeah, looks like I will be making something else for the man!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Day So Far

So, yesterday was NOT a good day. I started to write a post telling you all about it, but decided against it. Perhaps it was the fact that the reason the downward spiral began was because a certain mommy - who shall remain nameless - had herself a big 'ol tantrum when Hattie would not cooperate with hair time. Or maybe I thought better of airing the dirty laundry due to the fact that I could not decided, at 7PM, if I should say I was ALREADY in my PJ's or, make it real and admit that I was STILL in my pj's. However, SuperModel will be glad to know that I did NOT eat the ice cream that I had been contemplating for dinner. Nope, we had pizza.


I know.

BUT - today is already better. WAY better! Oh so WAAAAAYYYYYY BETTER!!!

Why, you ask?

Because, over at Mama's Losin' It she is givin' away a Hoover vacuum. And, guess what ...

I WON!!!!!!

Oh yes I did!

And, seriously, I could not be more grateful!!! Thank you very much.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go pick up the remnants of Hurricane Hattie and Cyclone Sophie so that, when the vacuum gets here, I can find the floor to clean.

And if I am not back here in five days, somebody please come find me amidst the debris!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - Friends ... IN REAL LIFE!!!

Today, Hattie and Sophie and I took a little trip to McDonald's for lunch ...

where we met up with my bloggy girl Teri from Facedown ...

... so, now I can FINALLY say that we are friends ...

... IN REAL LIFE!!!!!

Now, Teri has always been one of my fave siestas and a few weeks back we started emailing and then texting and then IMing on Facebook, and now I can honestly say she is one of my favorite people that I truly KNOW!!!! It was like finding an instant buddy. Not at all akward, we just started chatting like we had known eachother all along. We even agreed on POLITICS - Shudder - and that is HUGE!!!

However, she may have been scared off by the MAJOR fit that Hattie threw on the way out of McD's, all because she had thrown her milkshake away and I would not let her retrieve it from the trash can. 'Cause I am just that mean!

Poor Teri, nothing like a slam dunk into our craziness. Sophie mooched her fries and Hattie melted down in front of her! I hope she's still my friend!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The 3Day ... FINALLY!

These are the people I spent my weekend with:

Katelynn (She was the young and STINKIN' CUTE girl on our team!!)

Sock Monkey (our little mascot!)

Jennifer (she just got herself engaged!)

Becky (She joined us on her OFF week for CHEMO - what a hero!!!)

Suzanne (shown here bustin' a move!)

Kathy (Who refused to cooperate and smile, so this is what she gets!)

Michelle (Who DID smile nicely!)

Tim (Mr. September of the ORIGINAL 60 Mile Men calander of '07. AND who also refused to cooperate!)

Jane (I LOVE this girl, she wasn't on the same crew, but look how cute she is!!!)

These are the places where I spent my time:

Pot-O-John (Oh yeah, pure fun my friends!)

Little Pink Tents (woulda liked to have spent a little more time here!!)

The finish line (at least for day one and day two!!)...

...which we decorated to motivate!!

Here are a few of the people who inspired me:

This guy walked in his BDU's. Walking for his mom and his sisters. Protecting my freedom AND my boobies! What a guy!!!

The walkers - who after walking 20 miles a day, lined up to encourage and bring home the other walkers...

...and then on day three, lined up to cheer on and thank the crew. Oh yeah, I cried!

This lady high fived the walkers with her big pink boxing gloves and declared that she "Fights Like A Girl"!!!

The Survivors - do I need to say any more?

And the way we salute those survivors:
At closing ceremonies, the survivors are the last to enter the arena. Everyone takes off one shoe and raises it in a salute to those who have fought the toughest battle of all. The survivors.

So, pretty much I spent the weekend with a few thousand people who stinking ROCK! They gave up time and money and energy to make a statement. They raised a ginormous amount of money for the priveledge of walking 60 miles in three days. And they smiled the whole time!

And, if that were not enough, they stood in line each night to sign up to do it again next year.


So, what can you do?

You can still donate.

You can volunteer for next year.

You can WALK next year!!!

But more than anything else, you can keep prayin' for a cure!