Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fall Is Here

OK, so I looooooooovvvvvveeee fall!!! And here is the biggest reason why:

Hattie gets completely giddy sliding down the slide into leaves. So much so that even in the summer, she will search the yard for any leaves that may have fallen onto the ground and - even if there are only two - she will pile them at the end of the slide and go. Then she will laugh and laugh until she literally cries with laughter!!! It is the cutest thing EVER .... until I saw this .....

So, now BOTH of my girls love fall. OK, maybe Sophie is only slightly tolerating it, but I got a cute picture, so, it works for me!!! I LOVE FALL!!!!

PS: When the neighbor lady came over to chat, Hubby got sidetracked from his leaf duty and was not moving fast enough for Hattie's liking. So, she took over....

Yep, I LOVE fall!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

They're so cute it's SPOOKY!!!

OK, so I have the cutest kids EVER!!! I know you are saying that yours are cuter, but I am sorry - MINE ARE!!!!!
Halloween was a chore - picking a costume Hattie would actually wear and one that Sophie could wear without spending a fortune ...
Last year I bought Hattie a Sully costume - from Monsters Inc. - and she would not go NEAR it!! I figured if I could get it on her she would get over it ... I was wrong. She screamed in TERROR and fought like heck to get it off. So, last year she was a cowgirl. Jeans and a plaid shirt, oh so creative ... NOT!!!! This year, I figured I would try Sully again and if I could get her to go for it, she could be Sully and Sophie could be Mike - green jumper with an eye in the middle, simple. Except Hattie STILL would not go near the costume. When my mom was here Hattie fell in love with a kangaroo costume, but they only had an infant size. My mom bought it for her anyway. Then one day we were watching Dora and she was a kitty for Halloween. PERFECT - if Dora can be a cat, so can Hattie. I got out some cat ears - actually they are skunk ears (and their are April's) but she went for it. So I bought her black sweats and a turtle neck, made her a tail and we were in business. I dressed Sophie in the kangaroo outfit, but just long enough for pics, cause Hattie got a little possessive - ok, a LOT possessive!! But they both looked ADORABLE as you can see!!
Also, Auntie April sent some Halloween clothes for Sophie - April is the holiday QUEEN (probably has Halloween undies!!) and I included those pics too!! Too stinking cute!!!!!