Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Is Gonna Hurt

I am a HUGE fan of The Biggest Loser. I admit it, I am a reality TV junkie. I especially enjoy seeing people overcome battles. And, since weight and self image are battles I am constantly fighting, seeing people overcome them touches me in ways I cannot explain.

Now, when watching the Biggest Loser, or American Idol, Survivor or Amazing Race, I often try to picture myself in the shoes of the contestants. In fact, I often look at Hubby and explain what my strategy would be in that situation. For instance, if I ever get on survivor I am wearing layers - lots and lots of layers so that I have a change of clothes and am not forced to wander around an island (with the whole world watching!) in my underwear. AND, for that matter, I am wearing boxer briefs under everything - no hiney hangout for this girl! Not to mention a supportive bra - I mean come ON! You are on SURVIVOR - meaning physical challenges in which you may be required to bend, run, jump, leap, run, hang and, did I mention RUN!?

Support the girl ladies, support the girls!

OK, back to Biggest Loser ...

There was a moment once where Jillian had someone on a treadmill and that person (I cannot remember who at the moment) kept putting down her hands to hold on to the handles. Jillian was getting mad and actually threatened to rip her arms off and beat her over the head with her own arms if she did it one more time. Jillian is hard core y'all. Hard core!

Now, generally Bob is the nice one, but there was one contestant this year that made HIM lose it. Joelle. Oh, she was infuriating! Here she has the chance of a lifetime, to get herself in shape and have someone to help her learn to STAY that way and she just blew it off. She would BARELY participate in the workouts and do just enough to get by in the challenges ... Heck, I wanted to rip her arm off and beat her with it!!! He finally went all Jillian on her and there was more bleeping in that one scene that there EVER has been on that show!

So, anyway, I have decided that this is it, I have to do it now or never. I KNOW you have heard this before, but this time I have some AMAZING accountability partners and we are gonna do it TOGETHER! In fact we have all picked up a little something to get us started ...

I am tellin ya, in the words of Big Mama, it should actually be called the 30 Day DREAD. I did day one this morning and I have come to the conclusion that Jillian is one of two things:

A: She is a stinkin genius and bound to be my BFF in the next 30 days, or ...

B: She is a terrorist working for some foreign dictator and is determined to take out the good 'ol USofA one stay at home mom at a time.

I have ALSO determined that I would be the one to lead Jillian to at least the threat of violence and I would be the one to send Bob over the edge. Yes, I am Joelle.

And THAT must change!

So, this morning I got up at 0 Dark:Thirty to do Day 1 (because, clearly, I like my torture in two's). And I am tellin you ... OUCH!

It's gonna be a long 30 days, in which I will either DIE or find the motivation to keep going and TRULY get into shape.

I am betting on the latter.

In which case, if I ever DO get on Survivor, there will be MUCH less jiggling and hanging out of the hiney.

Priorities people, we all need em!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dare We Get Excited?!?

Well, lookey there!

Do you see what I see?

No, really - can ya see it?

No, not the lily white skin ... look closer ...

Yeah, I know they're beautiful, intelligent, adorable and the cutest stinkin' kids on the planet ... look BEYOND that!

Yep, there it is ... do you see it?

They are wearing ... Could it be? ... why, yes it is ... They're wearing SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Even Miss Belle (who was JUST waking up from her nap) is dressed for the FINALLY warmer weather. But then again, Belle would wear this dress in a blizzard if ya let her - girlie girl likes her sleeveless dresses! And, ummm, how precious is her freshly awoken face?


Can I just get an AMEN on the oh-so-welcome-warmer days ... and a prayer that they are here to stay a while!?

Yeah, AMEN and Thank You LORD!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Project 365 - Week 15

Project 365
Time again for a look back at our week. The lovely Sara hosts this extravaganza each week, in which we take and showcase at least one picture a day for an entire year. And it is a STINKIN BLAST!!!! It's not too late to join us. Visit Sara or click on the pic above for more details!
April 19 - Sophie is FINALLY letting me play with her hair. The accessories don't always stay in for long, but it is a start!

April 20 - Sophie's 18 month check up (though she is closer to 20 months now!).

April 21 - There's no room here for an office space, so I created a little counter top organization center (and yes, I do realize I AM becoming my mother!).

April 22 - Adventures in Spaghetti - scroll down for the whole tale!

April 23 - sick in bed with a migraine. How Blessed am I to have friends who made sure the girls and I got home safely from Bible study and a husband who came home (amidst MORE layoffs this week - we are still safe) to take care of his ailing wife?!?!

April 24 - He had to go back to work, but he left this note to let me know he loves me!

April 25 - the piano finally made it over from the old house! And, yes, that is a framed puzzle above it. In my early 20's I shared and apartment with a roommate - we could barely afford rent, much less cable, so we spent a LOT of time playing cards and doing puzzles. Something about this one made me fall in love and I glued it together and kept it. I always dreamed of owning a piano like the one in the picture as well as havin a little blond girl and a curly headed brunette baby! When we got the piano (a GIFT from a friend) hubbs had the puzzle framed and hung it above the piano. Fast forward five years and I even have the blond and curly topped babies! God is SO good!!!

April 26 - yesterday evening Sophie got sick. It turned into a very long night! Finally at about 3:30, she was able to keep down some pedialite and water and she fell asleep for the night. She seems to feel much better this morning, but her mama and daddy are draggin!

So, how was YOUR week?!?!