Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well ... I Had Fun Anyway

Every year about this time, we set out to get our Christmas pictures taken.

And, every year, my husband cringes ... but goes along.

And, every year, Hattie somehow manages to let everyone within a 5 mile radius know that she is NOT a fan of the picture posin.

And, MOST years, Sophie poses happily and makes my job that much easier.

This year, the only difference was Sophie.

Now I have NOBODY in my house who likes to have their picture taken.

But, being the determined mama that I am, we ventured out anyway.

But THIS year, I had a ball. Because this year, I did not weather the storm alone. This year we did a joint photo session with my sweet friend Amanda (AKA SuperModel) and her family! She took OUR pictures and I took theirs.

My family was MUCH more cooperative with someone else behind the camera.

Here are a few shots that did NOT make the Christmas Card Cut ... (you didn't think I was gonna give the BEST shots away just yet, did ya?)
I need to get some brownie points for showin you this one ... HELLO MUFFIN TOP!

This one was actually my favorite, composition wise, but Sophie is not making the most pleasant of faces!

Sweet Hattie

Lovin Sophie's curls here

Aside from a few snapshots, this was the first time that my man and I have been able to take some good pictures of just us since our wedding!

I love the way he makes me laugh!

The way he makes my heart smile!

The way he loves me!

This is my life ... and it is good!