Friday, June 29, 2007

Our New Journey

We are adopting again!!!!
Some of you already know this, but let's get the rest of you up to date:
We adopted our sweet Miss Hattie Grace a little over a year ago (although she has been with us for almost 3 years) and she is such a joy and a blessing that we decided to look into giving her a sibling (or maybe two!!!). Through a couple at church we found our agency - Adoption Associates - and quickly began the process. We have finished all of our classes, paperwork and Home Study sessions and are now at the point they call "waiting". I prefer to call it "wringing your hands, jumping each time the phone rings, checking the e-mail 20 times a day praying a LOT and pacing the floor" ... I think my title fits it better!!!
We would like to ask for the prayers of our loving fRamily for us during this process, but more importantly for "our" birth mom - we don't know who she is yet, but God does!!! I personally am praying for twins (and invite any of you to join me!!!) but also for heart preparation and acceptance of whatever He choses to bring our way!!
We will use this blog to keep you up to date on our journey, post new info when we can and keep you up on the latest happenings of our Hattie!! She is growing like a beautiful flower (sounds so much better than "weed"!!) and is more of a joy everyday!
God bless you all and Blog ya soon!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

1st blog - woo-hoo!!!!

So, this is a blog .... hmmmmm. Guess I better think of something to say. But ya know what? I am tired - I took care of a three year old all day. She is curious and perfect and I am so blessed to be her mommy, but boy-howdy that girl can wear me out! I will tell you all about her sometime when I can focus on the keyboard, but right now my eyes are crossed and I am going to bed.