Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just One ... Just HIS

Have you heard of this One Word thing?

You pick one word as your goal for the year (after much soul searching and, please oh please, prayerful consideration).

Last year my word was Purpose.  And last year I read (or at least started) books that I felt would lead to purpose in my life. And last summer I (finally) jumped head first into Beth Moore's (my pBFF) study Breaking Free.

And, y'all ... y'all ...

No, really ... Y'ALL!

I have really tried to put the experience into words on this ol blog and I have just not been able to.  But there is one thing that just keeps wrecking (in a good way) my heart.  In the last session Beth talked about a verse in Isaiah:

One will say, ‘I belong to the LORD’; another will call himself by the name of Jacob; 
still another will write on his hand, ‘The LORD’s’, and will take the name Israel.
Isaiah 44:5

To me, this verse talks about intentions and choices, yes - proclaiming that you belong to Him and taking His name!

It talks about Spiritual inheritance - we who have claimed Christ as Savior have become joint heirs. We may not have a genetic link to the people of Israel, but because we have been adopted by The Lord, we are children of the same promise!

And it talks about purpose.  Living a life sold out to Him.  And, I learned through this study that I am not set free for myself alone, but free to become captive to Him.  And THAT captivity - a life sold out to HIM, is the best kind of freedom.  It is a freedom to find joy - true joy.  The ONLY true joy ... the one that comes with purpose.

So, when picking this years word I really searched my heart and prayed about what He wanted from me.  And I kept hearing the word "mine" from Him and feeling the word "His" in MY heart.

And, so it is.  My word for 2012 ...
(thanks Melanie for making the buttons ... go see her, get your own!!!)

I want to live my life for the sole purpose of doing HIS will, following HIS lead, listening to HIS Word, searching HIS heart, being HIS hands and HIS feet, worshiping at HIS feet, laying my life down for HIS and, most of all, Glorifying HIS name!

Oh LORD ... Let me glorify YOUR name in my life.  Please, I pray, let it be!!

And so I start this year with that one goal in mind ... that I would be The Lord's.

That I would be