Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stop by Signs Miracle & Wonders for more tunes that speak to the soul!!!

It is Then Sings My Soul Saturday.... And I must tell ya that this is my favorite of the vast and various memes (still not sure what a meme is, but that won't stop me!!!). I almost used this song last week. It is one of my all time favorites - brings me to my knees every time. I looked for a good version and found this - I have no idea who these people are, but they did a fabulous job ... no to mention, she has GREAT HAIR!!! Who could ask for more than that? So, here ya go ...

Grace Flows Down

God Bless!

Friday, March 28, 2008

One Small Step For Hattie ...

... One ginormous leap towards Independence!!!
Well, we did it ... we took the plunge. We have begun sleeping in a big girl bed.
I know, those of you new to our neck of the bloggy woods are thinking "isn't she FOUR?" and yes, she is. However, sweet Hattie Grace has some sleep issues - meaning she doesn't always, ya know, SLEEP!!! She fairly often wakes in the middle of the night for what we like to call "the crib party". And, let me tell ya, these parties have been known to last for HOURS - literally! And, frankly, because she is upstairs and we are down, we have been just plain skeered to put her in a bed.
However, she is getting too stinking big for the crib and we have made the switch.
Last night was the first night - although we have been leading up to it for a while (Hattie's other "issue" is communication - processing language, speaking effectively etc...). She was very excited to get to stay in her big bed! We had to go in a few times to tell her to stop jumping on the bed, kicking the wall and sending Tigger for flying leaps across the room. But eventually she did quiet down and go to sleep. And she slept all night!!!!!

Here is what I found when I went in to check on her the last time:

And really, this just looked uncomfy, so I moved her a little ...

Tigger and Curious George are constant sleepin' buddies!!!

But Austin, he sings when ya touch him, and the airplane, it lights up, so they got to sleep on the floor!

All in all it was a good night!!!

On another note, I ask again ...

...really, who is Al Gore kidding?
It IS pretty, but pretty don't clear my driveway!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hello, complaint Department?

I would like a word with Al Gore please!

Hello, Mr. Gore, I don't want to be rude but, uhm, GLOBAL WARMING, MY LEFT TOE!!!!

I hate to be a winey hiney, but come ON!!! Enough with the snow already!

Yesterday Kathy and I took the kiddos to the mall for a playdate. (I know, the mall seems more like a playdate for moms than the kids, but there is pizza and a play area!! And, really, ten steps into Children's Place knowing we could not spend, was just too much for us. So we completely avoided shoe stores altogether!) Walking from the mall to the car we were actually discussing how it was starting to feel springy. How soon, very soon, we could start walking and going to the park and the zoo and, hey, even the back yard - just being outside...
Then today, this:

I was hoping it wouldn't stick, but seeing as how it has been falling for less than an hour and already looks lke that...
Honestly, I don't think I can stand much more!!!
The paper the other day said this is the 5th snowiest winter in the history of the state ... just inches away from jumping to fourth.

We may get there tonight.

And, I would just like to know, who does Al Gore think he's kidding?

Would HE like to come shovel the walk?

I would be HAPPY to arrange it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Think One Would Call It A Nap ...

So, we had a crazy-non-stop-go-go-go-till-ya-drop weekend. And let me tell you that this does not bode well with my can't-deal-with-the-sensory-overload-it's-just-too-much daughter! However, Hattie took it all in stride, but I knew that the aftermath was coming.
And come it did - at 3AM yesterday morning.

When Hattie awoke.

For the day.

Making for a long day for everybody involved!

We got through most of the day OK, till about 5PM. I was making dinner and Sophie got a bit fussy at an integral part of the process, so I put her in her highchair and pulled her into the kitchen with me. Now, seeing the sis in her chair led Hattie to believe that eating was imminent, so she got up into her booster seat. I told her a few times that it was not ready yet and even got her down a couple of times - all to no avail. She insisted on getting into the chair. I was at a point that I could not walk away from the stove, so, I let her be. A few minutes later when I COULD get away, this is what I found...

Now, I ask you - how can that be comfy?
I moved her to the couch - where she slept a little longer, but I woke her up at around 6:30 - 'cause I wanted to get her back to her normal schedule - which is 8:00 bedtime. Thankfully, that worked and it was a good night.

For Hattie.

Sophie, not so much.

And, thus, not so much for mommy and daddy either.
Can I tell you that these teeth - they cannot come soon enough.
I am gonna try the carrot thing today - thanks Marla! But, truthfully, the girl just doesn't like to chew - she likes to suck. We have taken to letting her suck on our fingers while we rub her gums, but that's as close to chewing as she gets so far. She did play with a teether yesterday for an extended length of time, so maybe we are gonna get somewhere soon.
'Cause, did I mention, the teeth cannot get here soon enough.
This is a house - and a people - in need of sleep!

As always, ideas and helpful suggestions are welcome here!


(That movie was on yesterday - it makes me happy!)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - Discovering Biter Biscuits

Sophie has discovered the beauty that IS the biter biscuit ...

... and, while hesitant at first, has discovered that ...

... it's GOOD!!!

(Although, here it is more accurately described as the "slobber and sucker biscuit!)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

And For Your Viewing Pleasure ...

... the two most beautiful girls EVER in their sweet Easter dresses.

***Please note - Sophie's dress is not really Scarlett O'Hara big - she is sitting in her Bumbo chair so I can take the pic.

Did ya notice the drool fixin' to drop of the lip? THAT is why the child is almost never without a bib. By the time she got to church, bib, sweater AND dress were all soaked!

But, really - could she BE any cuter?

***Please note (again) - The girls HAD been wearing matching sweaters over their dresses ('cause, ya know, their is snow on the ground and such!). Hattie, however was about as excited about the sweater as she was about getting her pic taken.

She did eventually realize that if she twirls at proper velocity, the skirt poofs out, thereby making her a "Pincess"!

So, I guess she is a girl.

One that likes to stomp in every pile of snow and puddle of mud from church building to car.

A dirty princess, but a princess none the less.