Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Think One Would Call It A Nap ...

So, we had a crazy-non-stop-go-go-go-till-ya-drop weekend. And let me tell you that this does not bode well with my can't-deal-with-the-sensory-overload-it's-just-too-much daughter! However, Hattie took it all in stride, but I knew that the aftermath was coming.
And come it did - at 3AM yesterday morning.

When Hattie awoke.

For the day.

Making for a long day for everybody involved!

We got through most of the day OK, till about 5PM. I was making dinner and Sophie got a bit fussy at an integral part of the process, so I put her in her highchair and pulled her into the kitchen with me. Now, seeing the sis in her chair led Hattie to believe that eating was imminent, so she got up into her booster seat. I told her a few times that it was not ready yet and even got her down a couple of times - all to no avail. She insisted on getting into the chair. I was at a point that I could not walk away from the stove, so, I let her be. A few minutes later when I COULD get away, this is what I found...

Now, I ask you - how can that be comfy?
I moved her to the couch - where she slept a little longer, but I woke her up at around 6:30 - 'cause I wanted to get her back to her normal schedule - which is 8:00 bedtime. Thankfully, that worked and it was a good night.

For Hattie.

Sophie, not so much.

And, thus, not so much for mommy and daddy either.
Can I tell you that these teeth - they cannot come soon enough.
I am gonna try the carrot thing today - thanks Marla! But, truthfully, the girl just doesn't like to chew - she likes to suck. We have taken to letting her suck on our fingers while we rub her gums, but that's as close to chewing as she gets so far. She did play with a teether yesterday for an extended length of time, so maybe we are gonna get somewhere soon.
'Cause, did I mention, the teeth cannot get here soon enough.
This is a house - and a people - in need of sleep!

As always, ideas and helpful suggestions are welcome here!


(That movie was on yesterday - it makes me happy!)

5 of ya left some love:

tas said...

i had to see your picture of your daughter, sleeping in a chair....too cute!

Teething help? I teethed my son on frozen french fries.....I know, I've heard it before. But think about it.....they are cold, will only turn to mush and a frozen french fry will not hurt anyone....ask my son, mu sisters, my neice, nephew, husband and the dog.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Oh my...bless her heart! Thank goodness you got her back to sleep at bedtime!

Milk Mama said...

I know where you're coming from! Anna still has four to go and they can't come any sooner! I can't wait until teething is done! I'm soooooo tired of waking in the middle of the night!

Kate said...

Oh that picture is just mean...lol. I'm just saying that 'cause who wouldn't use it as fuel for the first tard-bucket boyfriend that comes to the door...lol.

My great niece is teething too...she takes it in stride though. She clamped down on my nieces finger and bit so hard...I about fell out laughing from the look on both of their faces.

Becoming Me said...

How cute are those pictures!