Saturday, December 27, 2008

Explanation Required!!!

***Scroll Down for Sophie's First Haircut Pics!!!***

OK, I have had several people ask me why the hairy heck I went out for a haircut yesterday if I am just gonna grow it out. So, I feel an explanation is in order ...

See, I gave Hubbs the gift for Christmas, and he LOVED it! He was very excited (at least that is what he claimed ...). But, in cleaning out bathroom the day before he had found a Martina McBride CD that was in there from a much earlier attempt to grow it out a little. And he liked that look better than the one we had chosen as the "short version/in-between/getting-there" style. Here is what he chose ...

So, as a result, I set out yesterday to begin the process. I took said CD to the salon and had the shaping process begun.

Also, and here is a fact that I work VERY hard to keep from the general public, I have absolutely NO body in my hair whatsoever! None! Zippo! NADA!

Therefor, I must have some texturizing done to the top of my hair or I will most certainly look like a drowned rat by the time it dries. For instance, in the pics yesterday, I actually have some styling product in it, but the hair blessed dude that cut my hair yesterday seriously underestimated my need for lift. So, even though semi-styled, I still look like a rat on the way to drowning, if not quite there yet.

I will be having a re-introduction session with my hairdryer and curling iron later today!!!

Oh, the joy that this gift will give me ... it had better, at LEAST, make my man happy!

And now, back to my Holiday Bloggy Break!

See ya next week!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Big Day for Sophie!

We interrupt this Bloggy Break for a very important announcement .... (insert drum roll) ...

Our Sophie Bug got her very first haircut today!!

And, her beautician was none other than her mommy!!! I am very proud to say that she was an excellent client! I am so proud of her.

I, however, had a very emotional time with it. She is my baby after all, and this is just one more step into being a big girl! I had to follow the haircut with a big 'ol piece of chocolate cake to drown my emotions!!!

Hattie and I both got hair cuts too. I cut Hattie's bangs - I would have pics of that too, but since I was cutting while Daddy held her head still and her hands down (she is not a fan of the haircut since a girl at a shop stabbed her in the forehead about a year ago ... don't even get me started!!!), there was no one to hold the camera!

I went out to get mine done, and had not styled it yet, which explains the LOVELY do I am sporting!!! I only wish it could explain away all of the chins ... Guess that's what I get for drowning my emotions in chocolate ...

Here is one last shot of our girl on her big day!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What It's All About

OK, first, I want to thank you for helping me with the hair dilemma of 2008. I think I have made my choice, with your help of course!!! The general consensus was between the two longer styles (numbers 1 & 3), but we must remember that my hair is very short right now, so I think I will frame a couple of pics. We will start off with number 2, knowing I can mess it up like number 4, and then grow it out from there. Now, if I can just stick with it long enough to get it grown to at least number 3!!! Then maybe we can shoot for number 4!

Now, I have a lot to tell y'all (Hi Fran!!), but, truthfully I have so much to do in the next couple of days - including focusing on the REAL meaning of Christmas! So, the blog will have to wait. I will be back after Christmas - there is a meme I have been tagged for, stories to tell and - of course - pictures to show. And there will be even more of each after the big day!

But, before I go, I want to make sure that you know what Christmas is all about ... And Linus, I think, says it best!

To think that the King of Kings left is throne for a manger, chose soil over streets of gold and humanity over divinity, for US! That is, for me ... and for you. I pray that you know that today. That you rest in that today. He came for you! He was so unwilling to live without you that He did the only thing to make it possible for you to live with Him. He lived here, he walked among our sin and depravity so that we could know His grace and forgiveness. And, He died here, only to rise again in three days, so we can beat death as well.

Please, do not let that gift go unopened.

It was a strange way to save the world indeed ...

...but, where would we be if it had been different?

May you know the One, TRUE Peace and Joy this Christmas and all year through.
Have a very Merry Christmas! I love ya all!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - Lookin' A Little Like Christmas

We have gotten a LOT of snow around here lately, and Hattie is lovin' it (sophie has a cold, so she has not been out in it yet, but she wants to...). We also got a chance to meet the Big Guy, Santa himself!!! Here is a look at the last couple of weekends here in B Manor...

Sophie is not quite sure what to think.

Hattie, on the other hand, is diggin' it!

She's also diggin' a little snow angel action (and so is Mommy)!!!

But, the snow kept coming and it got a little deep!

Thus, allowing for some sleddin' action!
Yeah, winter is a hit around here (except for the whole shoveling, scraping and digging out stuff!)
By the way, today is my Daddy's Birthday.
Thank you for loving me so well. You are the very best Daddy a girl could have. You didn't have to love us, but you chose to anyway. You are living proof that anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy.
I love you SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! I hope that your day is as wonderful as you have made my life!