Saturday, December 27, 2008

Explanation Required!!!

***Scroll Down for Sophie's First Haircut Pics!!!***

OK, I have had several people ask me why the hairy heck I went out for a haircut yesterday if I am just gonna grow it out. So, I feel an explanation is in order ...

See, I gave Hubbs the gift for Christmas, and he LOVED it! He was very excited (at least that is what he claimed ...). But, in cleaning out bathroom the day before he had found a Martina McBride CD that was in there from a much earlier attempt to grow it out a little. And he liked that look better than the one we had chosen as the "short version/in-between/getting-there" style. Here is what he chose ...

So, as a result, I set out yesterday to begin the process. I took said CD to the salon and had the shaping process begun.

Also, and here is a fact that I work VERY hard to keep from the general public, I have absolutely NO body in my hair whatsoever! None! Zippo! NADA!

Therefor, I must have some texturizing done to the top of my hair or I will most certainly look like a drowned rat by the time it dries. For instance, in the pics yesterday, I actually have some styling product in it, but the hair blessed dude that cut my hair yesterday seriously underestimated my need for lift. So, even though semi-styled, I still look like a rat on the way to drowning, if not quite there yet.

I will be having a re-introduction session with my hairdryer and curling iron later today!!!

Oh, the joy that this gift will give me ... it had better, at LEAST, make my man happy!

And now, back to my Holiday Bloggy Break!

See ya next week!!!

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Fran said...

You completely crack me. Completely! You are gonna be a million bucks sista!!!!