Wednesday, March 25, 2009

30X5 ... I am in!

***Daily stats for the 30X5 will be in a sticky post at the top of the page***

So, I need to get in shape. Anyone else? Yeah.

The problem is this ... well, OK, THESE:

*I need accountability, y'all. I simply cannot do this alone.

*I need short term, forseeable and, ya know, DOable goals.

*I need encouragement ... and accountability. Are you seeing a trend.

*I need something I can finish.

*BABY STEPS. I need BABY STEPS people!!!!

So, here is what I'm gonna do. Linda (AKA Lidna ... don't ask) over at 2nd Cup of Coffee is havin' a little encouragement/accountability/get up and move/baby step/short term goals/all very DOable little carnival over at her place. Clearly, you can see why I am intrigued. All of my needs are met!

So, starting tomorrow, all participants are asked to commit to 30 minutes of some kind of activity a day.

PS, TV does NOT count as that activity! (My thumbs, however, are in the best shape of my life thanks to my handy dandy remote control!)

PPS, Cranking up Mamma Mia and singing and dancing along DOES count. Linda, however, is not a fan of the musical (I blame parenting for this sad deficiency in her otherwise lovely persona), so she will most assuredly NOT being doing that!

The commitment is for 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS ... who can't do that?!?!?!

You may , or may not, choose to include your bathroom scale in this endeavor. Your choice. I for one, become obsessed with those little (AKA BIG!!!) numbers, so I may not do that for a while. I really just want my clothes to fit again.

My really cute clothes ... as opposed to the tents that I am currently sporting!

So, if you would like to play along, head on over to Lidna's and sign up! We are all in this together y'all. Let's keep each other motivated!!!

I will be back soon to tell you all about the last few days activities ... so much to share!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Project 365 - Week 12

Project 365

Week 12!!! Yowza!! That is all I am gonna say about that!

Here is our week:

March 16 - Princess Day - Hattie, Sophie and Sweet Belle all discovering the joy of being at a ball!

March 17 - Hattie had a great day at therapy and the reward was a trip to McD's. Sophie, it seems, is a fan of the fries!

March 18 - Taking a break from the life of a Princess, Hattie found Sophie's winter hat from LAST YEAR and thought it would be fun to wear IT for a while! How cute is she?

March 19 - SPRING is near! Thank the Sweet Lord!

March 20 - Mama Beth wrote this post, which stirred some major onion ring cravings, so on our date, Hubbs and I took a little trip to Sonic!

March 21 - Teri and I out for coffee, courtesy of Frannie and her gift card! Good times!

March 22 - We had a date with Sophie's birthmom - here she is with her Mama Kim. She also got to meet her birth grandma, but that is a post all it's own!

So, that was our week, how was YOURS?