Monday, March 30, 2009

I Heart Faces - Puttin on The Pout

This week at I Heart Faces they are rewarding kids for pouting ... well, at least they are rewarding the PARENTS for capturing the pout on camera! Which FINALLY gives me a reason to rejoice that my sweet natured, oh so agreeable little angel is getting close to turning two. And there are moments when she is trying hard to live up to the "terrible two" reputation.

Moments like this one ...

(Yeah, girlfriend can get her 'tude on!!!)

But she can't fool her mama, I know my girl is still the sweetest almost two year old around!!!

Check out I Heart Faces for more pouty portraits - or enter your own!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project 365 - Week 13

Project 365
It has been a CRAZY week here in B Manor, so I have not been a very good blogger. Maybe these photos can help us get caught up a little...

March 23 - Sophie sittin' on the big chair. Belle was havin' a little chair envy (they both love to sit there!!), but she patiently waited her turn!

March 24 - Sunshine on our shoulders!!! Bug and I were enjoying the sun pouring through the window and, since I was having a good hair day (yes, the curling iron is now officially a part of my day!), we decided to capture the mommy/daughter moment. I may have to take this one to and have some fun with it!!!

March 25 - Who new Hamburger Helper could be this much fun?!?!

March 26 - The pictures are slowly coming off the wall. On one hand, it feels like I am getting something done. On the other hand, the bare walls make the hall way look very lonely!

March 27 - We had made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies on Monday ... three guesses who got the last one...

March 26 - Painting day!!! We spent the day at the new house painting over the blue walls. We had to run an errand though when we realized that painting would work better with, ya know, rollers and pans!!! And, since we had some McBucks, we took a detour for lunch and ate on the run.

Plus, hello! How cute does Hattie look in the Gilligan hat?

So, that is our week - how was yours?

PS - I LOVE my kids ... can ya tell?