Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pictures ... 365 ... Week 1

So ... remember that thing with the pictures from each day of the year? 

Yeah ... gonna try that again. 

And, ya know, maybe make it past June this time.

Yeah ... OK

January 1
A fresh new year. A fresh new journal. Fresh new pens ... love new beginnings.

 January 2
 My sweet faced girl in her sweet new glasses. LOVE!

January 3 (got a few here)
 Soooooo cold out there, but if the big door is opened at the right time of day and the sun is allowed to shine through the glass door ... FREE HEAT!!!
 YouTube ... a mama's bff sometimes!
 Indoor campout ... complete with hot dogs and s'mores cooked over an open fire!
 Last camper standing ... and watching The Polar Express!!
***Note that the fireplace is working for the first time since we moved in!!!***

January 4
 Well ... if I ever get lost int he snow, just look for the shoes! LOL!  Had to get one last run in before the bitter cold hits. Also, people need to shovel their walks. This trek resulted in a shoe full of snow! FUN!!!

January 5
The snow was just beginning and the temps had not fallen too far yet, so we had ourselves a little fun. I will post more of these later, but I love this one. The way that the snow is in focus, but Soph is not ...I have no idea how it happened, but it is kinda cool!

So ... how was YOUR week?