Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Ten years ago I sat in a movie theater waiting for the midnight showing of one of the Lord of The Rings movies (not sure which one ... which ever one came out 10 years ago today). We had just finished worship team practice - practicing for a Christmas Eve service - and we all foolishly decided that sleep was a non-issue so, hey, let's go to the movies instead!

Except the sound guy. He was more responsible than the rest of us ... and he had to be at work at 6am.  So, really, who could blame him.

So we went to the movies and sat together, our sweet little make-shift family, waiting for midnight to roll around - they couldn't start it till it was OFFICIALLY the next day - so we could embark on our $12 naps watch the flick. And as we waited my phone rang.  I received the customary dirty looks from strangers and the shameless jesting from friends as I ran excitedly out to the hall to take the call ... cause it was the sound guy.

Now, if I were selfless and all, I would have run out worried that maybe he had broken down somewhere and needed me to come to his rescue (as he had come to mine a few times before). But no, I was selfish and I bolted outta that room simply because I had been waiting a LONG time for that dude to finally ask me out.  And somehow I just knew, that was why he was calling.

And I was right.

(enter image of me doing the happy dance in the empty hall ways of a movie theater ... empty except for the grumpy dude in the "tuxedo" and santa hat who was cleaning the empty room across the hall and was not appreciative of my squeals - since they caused him to jump and spill his dust pan full of popcorn ... sorry grumpy dude)

So, yeah, he finally asked me out ... that responsible sound guy ... and I was THRILLED!

The next evening (ten years ago tonight) he arrived at my door asking what I would like to do. We talked about a nice dinner at an elegant restaurant and maybe a show afterward. We discussed a long walk in the moonlight. We may have even tossed around the idea of a picnic under the stars.

And then we went to Del taco, gulped down deluxe chili-cheddar fries, and went Christmas shopping.

And I knew then that he was the one.

And, as I stood in a line at Target with this sound guy, on our first date, our cart full of the entire Christmas village that I had always wanted to buy for my mom but could never afford and watched him prepare to pay for the gift she would receive "from both of us", I decided that I loved him.

And six days later I watched her open that gift, sitting next to the man who had become, officially, my fiance.

Yep ... six days.

I told you I knew.

And ten years later I can tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I was right.

He IS the one.

And, oh how I love him.

And I would do 10 years ten more times with him.