Saturday, March 1, 2008

Official Member Of PCPA

Hello, I am (turns head to the side in utter shame and humiliation)....*big breath*.... a Pretty Cell Phone Addict. It has been seven days since my last pretty cell phone.
And this is where you all clap and cheer for me and tell me how proud of me you are and encourage me to keep up with the program. And I really do appreciate that encouragement, but I must say that I have spent enough time in the pit that is this addiction to know that I do not want to go back .... at least not until the lovely people at Verizon can assure me that the "pretty" phones will also bring to the table, well, ya know ... SERVICE!!!!!
Now, truly, I do not mean to knock Verizon ... we are extremely happy with the service we receive. Hubby is one of the only one of his buddies and brood that can actually get a call out on his cell up where they go hunting (this makes the lonely wife at home oh so happy) so we cannot complain about any of that. However, almost five years and five phones later (I know, that so does not fit in with the "new in two" policy ... let's just say that I have a very cooperative and understanding man that has NOT had a new phone in a while!!!) I have determined that the makers of the pretty phones - mostly the ones that start with an "m" and end with "oterola" - are not necessarily makers of the "charge the battery and have it last/survive children and busy mom/in the back pocket when you fall on the ice and survive/actually WORK for two whole years" phones ... not that I am bitter in any way! They just aren't.
However, because Jesus loves me, all hope is not lost.... I did my research this time. I read all of the reviews and PAID ATTENTION this time. I looked into every complaint that was to be had by the customers who reviewed the phones this time. AND, I actually sought out reviews by Verizon customers this time. And this time I picked a phone for the way it works and not the way it looks. I picked the phone I wanted, we treked to the Verizon store and ... did I mention that Jesus loves me ... it comes in RED!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah ... He loves me! He really loves me!
(He WANTED me to have a pertty phone ...)

Friday, February 29, 2008

29 Things

Ok, so it is leap day ... and I am making up my own rules. 'Cause, basically, this is my blog and i can do whatever I want. Also, I am a big fat baby and I just want to. AND, because I am the mom and I said so!!!!
So, here is how it works.... it is leap day. The one time, every four years, when February has 29 days instead of the regular 28. I am sure you already know what leap day is and I am just rambling, but there is a purpose to be served by explaining... So, seeing as how we have been given the gift of an extra day this year, I hereby institute the rule that there must be a list of 29 things to be thankful for. Here are mine:

1. I am thankful for my health. I have aches and pains at times, but it is nothing that a few years and a few pounds (maybe 50 or so :)) off wouldn't cure!!!

2.My house - I love my porch and my kitchen and my big tree filled yard, plus, seeing as how it is snowing outside and it was about 9 degrees out when I put Hattie on the bus yesterday, a house is gooooooood!

3.Heat - see above! Of course, ask me in July and I will probably be thankful for AC!!

4.Food - Not just because I, obviously,love to eat, but because I like to keep my hubby and children happy and fed!

5.Freedom - I can say what I want and feel what I want and BELIEVE what I want and that is HUGE! I can carry my Bible and where my Jesus hoodies and play my Jesus Freak tunes - LOUD - and feel safe in doing so.

6.Cable TV - ok, this is a stretch, but seeing as how my options on local daytime TV are soaps, Jerry Springer and such, can I just say Thank You Jesus for TLC, Discovery Home, Hallmark Channel and Nickelodeon/Noggin (that one is for Hattie!!!).

7.Cell phones - I need to be able to talk to my "posse" when I want to and when I need to! Really, how did we get along without 'em .... and when did I start using words like "posse"? YIKES!

8.Free long distance - Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.Payless Shoes - I know, totally self serving and makes me look like a spoiled brat. However, were it not for the amazing prices and the beyond brilliant concept that is BOGO, how would I have found the super comfy boots that I wore for Grandma's funeral (and all of the standing afterwards!)? And because I got those boots, Bernadette saw them at church and went out and got her own! That is four comfy feet my friends! Four! What is not to be thankful for in that?!?!

10.La-Z-Boy chairs - Trust me, when you are up at odd hours of the night and need to sit up to feed a baby, but have ample neck support for the bobbing/nodding off movement, the couch just don't cut it!

11.Sleep - for the most part, the La-Z-Boy needing nights are over. Teething has brought some wakefullness at odd hours, but she is usually put back to sleep fairly easily.

12.Orajel and teething pellets - see above.

13.The Internet - Seriously, could I get from point A to B without Mapquest, or make it through the day without my WWW devotionals, or find out what cell phone I want without the online reviews, or LIVE without my Bloggy Buddies?!?!!? I think not!

14.Bloggy Buddies - who would thought that I could make friends that I have never met, keep in touch on a regular basis with friends I've left behind and share pictures with family across the country in a matter of minutes?!?!?! WOW!

15.Non Blogy Buddies - sometimes I need to see a person's face when I am sharing and venting and, ya know, ranting and raving!

16.Email - Again, what did we do before it?

17.Snail mail - sometimes, it is just fun to get a card or letter in the mail (thanks Amanda Jo!!!)

18.Text Messaging - see above and think INSTANTLY!

19.Picture messaging - how else can my Mommy see her Grandbabies at the moment they are doing something sweet or looking cute?

20.My ancestors - Who I am, where I come from and what makes me me. They are my past and, in many ways, my present and future as well!

21.My siblings - I survived my brothers and, though they tortured and teased me to no end, they made stinking sure that no one else ever did!! They loved me in their own cruel ways and made me feel loved - even through the bruises!! I wish I knew Jonita better, but I learned alot from her and love her tons. And Marla, well she was everything I wanted to be growing up - still is in may ways!

22.My nieces and nephews - they were my "practice kids". Especially the AZ bunch who considered our house their second home and would stay days and even weeks at a time! I am sure I got it wrong a few times (Duncan knows what I am talking about), but I hopefully got it right sometimes too!!!

23.Extended family - Cousins, aunts and uncles, etc... They made summer vacations a blast and there are memories that could only have been as wonderful with them in them!

24.Grandparents - I was Blessed in this area immensely! I cannot say enough how very much I loved all of my grandparents - and now that they are all gone, how very much I miss them!

25.THERE fRamily - These people saw me through the hardest parts of my life as well as through the best parts... they still - from across the country - do!!!! My health stuff, my wedding, foster children that they loved as if they were staying forever and the ones that DID stay forever!!! They were my life lines and my inspiration and my sound boards. From day to day stuff, to life changing stuff. From birthdays, BIRTHS, weddings, losses and even death (Paula, Angie and Linda!!) we have been through it all together! I am still here if you are!

26.HERE fRamily - It took a while, and we thought it would NEVER happen, but we are at home here thanks to you all!!!!

27.My parents - Words. Are. Not. Enough. I hope that I show you with my actions how much I respect you, thank you and love you for EVERYTHING!!!

28.My children - Steven - I love you and respect you. I know that you had a hard time letting me in at first, but I am so glad you did. You are such a good man and sooooo much like your dad. More than you know! Chris - You are such a tender heart. You make me laugh and make me cry (toast at the wedding!!) and make me see the world differently. You are wise and loving and, oh so lovable! Hattie - You are my dream come true and SUCH an answer to prayer. You are such a strong and resilient little girl, but so fun and loving as well. Your hugs are the best in the world and come from a place that only you know! I can't wait til you can tell me what you are thinking - I KNOW it will be beautiful! Sophie - you are such a sweet spirit, so serene and peaceful and gentle. You have a light in your eyes that is so beautiful. When you smile - even as a newborn - your WHOLE face smiles. And when you laugh ... I think the angels feel your joy. You are already so communicative and engaging. I can't wait till you get your voice as well! I love all of you so very much and am so proud to be your (step)mom!

29.Hubby - Farmboy... being your wife and mother to your children is what I was born to do. You are every prince in every story book. You are every hero in every romance novel. You are every love song, poem or sonnet. You are all I ever dreamed of and all I ever asked God to bring me, with so many wonderful surprises thrown in that I didn't even realize I wanted or needed! I am so Blessed that you chose to spend your life loving me and so very Blessed that I have the HONOR of spending my life loving you!! When the kids are grown and gone (yes, they will get married someday!!!! Even the girls!) and it is just you and me, on the porch rockin', we can look back and see that all our dreams came true ... and mine came true because of you!!!!! I thank GOD for you! I love you!

These are the things I am thankful for - and I am thankful TO the One who gave them to me!
Have a Blessed day! Tell me what YOU are thankful for!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Birthday Party In Pictures!

Every party needs a theme and this one was ...

The Backyardigans!!!! 'Cause that's the show we love so much - at the least the one choice that Mommy could find in the GIRL b-day section of the party store!! Otherwise it woulda been Diego or Cars!

Hattie waited very patiently while we got ready to sing.

She got so excited to blow the candle out, she didn't even let us finish singing!!!

After singing it was present time - we had to let the pizza, chips, dip and other foods of the "junk" variety, that all of the uncles let her eat, settle!!!

Here is just some of the crowd:

Here she is with Nicole who let her share in the magic that is The Spice Girls (we won't talk about what mommy thinks of the spice girls!!!). The girl was getting her groove on ... wish I had video!

Finally ... Let 'em eat cake!!!

An activity that she shared with the 'Yardigan buddies

She really didn't want the festivities to end, after the cake was served and eaten and the plate was taken away, Hattie decided she needed a little more. So, being the self sufficient and independent four year old that she is, she grabbed the spatula and served herself!!!

And the party didn't end there... apparently all of the junk food (thank you for the bag of chips and gallon of onion dip, chips and cheese dip, fritos and Doritos uncles!!) didn't get along with the pizza and cake in her tummy! Mommy had a surprise when she went to get Hattie up this morning!

I don't think I will show you pictures of that!

However, Nothin' beats a warm bubble bath first thing in the morning!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

Dear Hattie,
Can it possibly be that you are four years old? The calender says that it's true ... but how can that be when it was just yesterday that you came into our lives? How can that sweet, but hurting baby girl be a four year old preschooler? Where has the time gone? How can I get it back? Everyday you get a little more independent and slip a bit further away from being the baby that needed me so much.

And everyday I am prouder of you, more in love with you and so much happier to be your Mom.
I knew you were sent from God to be my child the first time I held you in my arms. From that moment on you had my heart. I was your Mommy and would go to the ends of the earth for you. I fell in love with you in that moment and that love has not stopped growing ever since.

I have watched you grow from a scared, scarred, angry, hurting, lost little baby who would growl and bite on things in anger (which was completely justified) and frustration into a fun, funny, imaginative, creative, loving, sweet, smart, beautiful big girl in what seems to be such a short time. I am so proud of the girl you have become and the young lady you are becoming. You are brilliant - so smart with letters, numbers, animals and pixar movie & Nickelodeon characters!! You are such a sweet big sister - I am pretty sure that you are Sophie's favorite person in the world. You are getting to be such a loving and SOCIAL girl - this from the girl who, just over a year ago, would close herself off from the rest of the world in any type of social situation. You are becoming such a talker, telling us more and more of what you need and want and sometimes even what you are feeling... I know that that is not easy for you and I am so proud of you for trying so hard. You are absolutely hilarious and I can tell that you like to make people laugh and feel good, I love that about you!

I love snuggling with you when you first get up in the morning and right before bed. I love the way that you won't take a bite of your food til after we have prayed for it. I love the way that you run to the door when Daddy gets home from work. I love the way that you have to know where Sophie is at all times and won't let her out of your sight when there is someone new around. I love the way you say "I love you". I love the way you call me "Mama" for a couple of days after watching the Tigger Movie ('cause Roo calls Kanga "Mama", not "Mommy"). I love the way you stand at the window watching for the bus in the morning and then run down the driveway to climb in. I love the way you say "fishy, fishy, fishy" every morning when I feed the fish - and how you sometimes even hug the tank and tell them good morning! I love reading bed time stories and how we have read your Bible so many times that you have it memorized and KNOW if I say it wrong or have missed a page! Pretty much, I just love YOU - everything about you!

If I could, I would take away every bit of the pain and sorrow that you suffered before coming into our world. I would open your mind and help you to talk and share and tell me everything about your day and what is on your heart. But I would never change, even for a second, who and what you are. You are God's perfect creation and I love you completely, just the way that you are!
I am so vey much in love with you. And I am soooooo very happy that God made me your Mommy.
Happy Birthday sweet girl, I love you!
Love, Your Mommy