Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project 365 - Week 15

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I have been a MUCH better blogger this week ... let's see if we can keep it up.

(and as I finished typing that last sentence, I realized that I STILL have not posted the Easter pictures yet ... So, while I have been a BETTER blogger, alas, I have not really been a great blogger ... but I have goals, y'all!)

This was Hattie's spring break. I was excited because last week was simply beautiful.

Then, this week arrived.

And it got cold.


So we chose to hang close to home and just relax. And, here is how it went down...

March 5 - Hat Head - The girls got new outfits in their Easter baskets, including new hats. And Sophie REFUSES to wear hers facing forward. It goes on backward or not at all.

March 6 - What's Up Doc? - The girls have really taken an interest in the doctor kit lately. Not sure why, but I love to watch them. They take turns giving each other check ups. The best part is when they pull the stethoscope out and tell the other one to "breathe deep" ... love it!

March 7 - This is what the floor looks like for the majority of their waking hours ... I clean it up, they pull everything right back out. I pretty much have given up. But they know that when bedtime comes, every last toy goes right back in the toy box.

March 8 - Wiggle - Hattie has her first loose tooth. Any day now we will have a big toothless grin as our picture of the day.

March 9 - Cracked up - I have NO idea how she did it, but Sophie managed to crack this cup right down the middle.

Skillz, I tell ya ... the girl has skillz!

March 10 - Mama Kim - We had a lunch date with Sophie's birth mom. We are so thankful for her sacrifice and her choice to Bless us with our sweet girl.

And, still no toothless picture. I have NO idea how she made it through dinner with that thing in tact. It is barely hangin in there!

So ... how was YOUR week?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Splish Splash - A Dripping Wet Tale of Fun

It started out innocently enough, just two girls in a tub.

One playing with a duck princess ...

... one practicing her letters.

Just two little angels takin a bath ...
... gettin clean ...
... and minding their own business.

Completely innocent ... or so it would seem.

When, suddenly, as if they had but one mind, they simultaneously got wild looks in their eyes.
And that is where it all began.

It started with a small kick.

But then it got bigger.

And wetter.

Until, I finally realized that, as their mama, I had lost all control!
(But, really, when have I ever really HAD control?)

(Yeah, that would be never ...)

Then I looked at the wall and thought, wow ... glad those drips are coming down in the general area of the tub and not out here!

But, oh ... I was so very wrong.

I had seriously underestimated the splash capacity of my sweet, innocent, darling girls.

But, really, what kind of mama would I be if I made them stop havin this much fun?

(The kind who does not need to now do an entire load of towels because it took FIVE of them to clean this up ... that's what kind!)

Ahhh ... I LOVE being a mama!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photo Challenge - I Like To Move It

It is time once again for Friday Photo Challenge...

And, once again, I am posting it on Thursday...

Only, this time, I am kickin' the procrastination level up a few notches ...

Cause I am posting it THREE Thursdays later.

Yeah ... THAT is just how I roll!

(But, it's OK, cause Melissa hasn't done this challenge yet either! Maybe that is why we are such good friends!)

Anyhoo, here is the challenge: It's all about getting close. Pick a subject and take a shot of it from where you would normally stand.
(confession ... this is not as close as I would normally stand, but I am going for effect here!)

And gradually move closer, shooting as you go ...

And closer ...

Then maybe try a few setting changes.

(all I did here was turn the flash on and off ... didn't make THAT much difference)

Then, maybe try a different angle.

OK, in full disclosure, I ran out of time to edit these, so they are pretty much SOC (straight out of camera). Also, I did not take the time to dust before I took these - and don't pretend you didn't notice!. BUT, I kinda like the way they came out.

Now, why don't YOU try it ... then head on over to Melissa's page and link up!

C'mon ... ya know you want to!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yeah, My Jeans Are Shrinking! WOOT!!

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

I haven't posted for the Wednesday Weigh In for a while. BUT, with the exception of last week, I have been steadily loosing. Oh, yes I have!!!

I am so excited to tell you that I have lost 24 pounds!

Ahem ... did you hear me ...


Yeah! I am sooooo excited! I hit a MAJOR milestone two weeks ago. Last week I held steady. And this week I lost two more.

Now, truth be told, I broke my "weigh only once a week" rule and weighed myself on Monday. I KNEW that the weekend had taken a ginormous nosedive and I wanted to know how far I had fallen. I was more than a little freaked out to see that I was actually two pounds UP!

Yeah, I knew I had to kick into high gear. I went on a carb fast - which I do NOT recommend for long periods unless you are being overseen by a doctor, but I only had to do it for a couple days. I also only ate very lean proteins and fresh fruits & veggies, upped my water intake and did a little extra workout per day.

I also worked VERY hard to resist every urge to do the emotional eating thing. And, given that there has been left over lemon chiffon pie in the fridge mocking me all week, that was no easy task!!! But, I am learning that I can allow myself other emotional outlets. I can be an emotional dancer (Sophie is always a willing dance partner), an emotional stair climber, an emotional reader or an emotional prayer/praiser - which is the best outlet of all. After all, I do get all my strength from Him anyway, might as well give Him my emotional times too.

I also have to thank some WONDERFUL peeps that He has placed in my life to get me through this ... I know if I mention names I will forget someone, so I won't. But you know who you are! (Especially you, my morning "wake up, get your hiney outta bed and get movin'" girl and you my own personal Stacey/Clinton personal shopper buddy who is always there to help me look my best, no matter what size I am!!) You know I could not do this alone! Believe me, I have tried ... and failed. The only reason this time WILL succeed is all of you!!!!

So, there ya go. I am one tiny pound away from a new button, but for now ...

I'm Down w/the Sisterhood

There ya go!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 365 - Weeks 12, 13 and 14

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OK, you may wanna pull up a chair, get comfy and maybe even pack a lunch for this one. I have been a VERY bad blogger lately and have not even posted the 365 in three weeks. No excuses, just plain busy ... and lazy.

Whew ... confession is good for the soul. I feel much better now.

With that said ... here we go!

March 14 - Jewelry - although not the kind I usually like. After a trip to the urgent care/emergency room and four prescriptions later, I came home and crashed for the day.

March 15 - Heaven - For this girl Heaven will have a toothbrush for every hour of the day. It is her favorite activity!

March 16 - Helper - I was still havin' a hard time bending over (stupid ear infections!) so Sophie took it upon herself to help with the laundry. She pulled the basket from the bathroom all the way through the house to the gate that leads down into the laundry room. She then, piece by piece, threw every last speck of laundry down into the room for me!

You KNOW ya wish you had one of these!

March 17 - Bed Head - this is what it looks like!

March 18 - Hangin' out - Literally, she was hanging out of the climber in the backyard.

March 19 - Heaven - In mama's opinion, Heaven on earth is warm sun, a cool breeze, a good book and some Jesus. THIS was a good day!

March 20 - My Man - We were Blessed with the opportunity to attend a marriage conference.

I REALLY do love my man!

March 21 - Minnie - This is Sophie's BFF. She cannot sleep without her!

March 22 - Pants On The Ground - She's lookin' pretty cute with her pants on the ground!

March 23 - Rain, Rain, Go Away - That would be a touch of blue sky in that puddle's reflection! And I LOVE it!

March 24 - Blanket Fort - This is one of the girls' favorite activities!

March 25 - Bag Ladies - The girls LOVE to put things into bags and carry them around. I give them purses but they would MUCH rather have an old paper bag.

I LOVE my little bag ladies!

March 26 - Fly Baby - Sophie is, in general, a very unadventurous girl. But she LOVES to play airplane!

(PS - Shout out to SuperModel who took similar pics of her kiddos and gave me the idea!!)

March 27 - Sharp Dressed Girl - THIS is what you get when you tell a 2 1/2 year old to go get something to wear.

It IS interesting, is it not?

March 28 - Uhhhh ... Yeah - So, ummm, I DO still have Christmas cards up ... please, don't judge me!

March 29 - FUN!!! - They also love to bounce on the bed!!!

March 30 - Could It Be? - Spring is really on it's way!

Which, in this part of the country, usually means we have one more big snow to come!!!

March 31 - Mile Stone - I passed a BIG one this day. Whew! That felt good!

April 1 - I Got Nothin' - She just wanted to wear her daddy's hat ... backwards ... and over her face ...

April 2 - Hangin' Around - She also likes to hang upside down.

I have NO idea why.

April 3 - Adventure Girl - Hattie, unlike Sophie - does like a little adventure. At the Easter carnival at church Hattie climbed a rock wall.

Yeah, she did.

And she loved it.

(And, yes Grandma, she IS wearing a harness!)

April 4 - Eli - These precious baby feet belong to young Mr. Eli.

And I am already in love with him!

April 5 - Easter - these shots are just previews of the Easter pics ...

... Hopefully you will come back for more!

So how was YOUR week?

Or, I guess I should ask how was you MONTH?!