Sunday, October 4, 2009

Project 365 - weeks 39 and 40

Project 365

One more week of pictures ... unless you count the fact that last week I was a tad bit lazy, so this week you get TWO weeks of pictures!

I know, you can thank me later!

Here we go!

Monday - Hubby's birthday - and, ya know, he needed a little help with the candles!

Tuesday - Sophie FINALLY let me play with her hair ... I think she likes it! What do you think?

Wednesday - Yeah, so I'm gettin old and need these babies to help me read.

(yeah, you can stop laughin now, thanks!)

Thursday - We were Blessed with a BEAUTIFUL sunrise ... thank You God!

(He's quite the artist, no?)

Friday - Hubs asked what I needed from Costco.

I said "butter please".

Pretty sure we won't need it again for a while.

(PS - the milk jug is there to give you a little perspective on how stinkin big the butter tub is)

Saturday - Sophie's first smoothie ... she is a fan!

Sunday - Laundry ... have I ever explained to you how very much I dislike sorting and folding socks?


Monday - She likes to get down to eye level with the cat ...

... and if you could just NOT notice how dirty that red carpet it, that would be swell.

Tuesday - Hattie likes playin in Daddy's new chair blind - hope this doesn't mean she's gonna want to go hunting too!

Wednesday - We had a playdate and the girls dressed up - how stinkin cute is my girl?!

Thursday - She was very tired after playing at Bible Study so she got a little lazy eating her lunch.

And, yes, that IS a chip in her hair.

Cause we're just classy like that!

Friday - OK, I somehow lost the picture for this day, so you get these of my sweet girls in their finest princess garb (Thank you Grandma Jeanie!) that were actually taken on Saturday. And the one of Hattie was taken with my cell phone, sorry.

Saturday - Homecoming!! Our niece Kayla and our not-quite-but-close-enough-niece Jessica were STUNNING!

This is why the LITTLE girls were in THEIR princess dresses - they had to fit in with the BIG girls!

So, tell me, how was YOUR week?

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