Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Did Time Fly For Her?

How many of us started our Christmas Letter in wonder at how quickly time passes by?

We look back on a year gone by and wonder how it went so FAST?

Children were born, cut teeth, turned three, started school, made the honor roll, got the lead in the school play and, eventually, graduated, got married and started families of their own.

And we were left to look back and wonder how it all happened so fast.

I wonder if is was like that for Mary.
That night, as she held her newborn son in a barn, did she - like so many of us - look forward to each passing milestone and promise to cherish each and every moment?

Like so many of us, did the normal every day start to creep in? Did the sleepless nights of life with a brand new baby turn into the craziness of toddler proofing the home? Did she one day look at her son and realize that he just was not a baby anymore?

I wonder what it was like watching her son grow up, knowing that He was also the Son of God.

I mean, she KNEW who he was - the angel had made that clear - so she HAD to know what was in store.

Were the passing moments stored and cherished or did she turn around one day and find a man where her boy had once stood?

I cannot imagine how it felt to see him getting older, stronger, wiser ... all the while knowing that each breath he took brought him closer to the road He was destined to walk...

... and the cross He was determined to bear.

She knew when He was born that His death was imminent.

That it was predetermined.

That it HAD to be.

So, when she held her son that night...

As she watched him learn to walk ...

While she taught him how to talk ...

As she raised HER son ...

Did she cherish each moment knowing that she was holding, watching, teaching and raising God?

Or, did time fly for Mary too?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Project 365 - Weeks 49 - 51

Project 365

Allrighty - this is the last week f the year.

Ahem ... did ya hear me?

THE LAST WEEK OF THE STINKIN' YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(yes, that was me yelling ... because, HELLO! This is the last week of the year!!)

OK, deep breaths ... we can do this.

I would like to thank Sara for hosting this shin-dig all year - it has been a BLAST!

And, without further ado, here we go:
(By the way, this is three weeks worth, so ya may wanna go grab a snack ... or, ya know, a lunch!)

Sunday - We decorated the tree - this sweet angel and I have been through quite a bit together!

Monday - Hubs started on the outdoor decor. He built this stable for our lawn Nativity a few years ago and it is one of my very favorite parts of getting ready for Christmas!

Tuesday - This is one of the Angels that stand over Sweet Baby Jesus in our yard.

Wednesday - Yes, they are on backward and, yes, it IS on purpose. If they're on the correct way, she can strip em of faster than anything!

Thursday - Angels made from hand and foot prints!

Friday - This would be Mary & Joseph ... I am pretty sure that Joseph had hair, but the cat ran off with ours, so we have a bald one!

Saturday - If you know me well, you know I am a sucker for pink ribbons. Sophie found a piece of ribbon and played with it for HOURS. When I put her down for nap I came out to the living room and found this on the couch. LOVE.IT.

Sunday - Setting tables for the Women's Christmas Banquet at church.

Monday - Sweet Teri came to the dinner - have I mentioned that I LOVE me some Teri? Cause, yeah, I do!

Tues - Hattie LOVED making the sheep for our craft nativity.

Wed - Potty Training Boot Camp, day 1.

Thursday - Sophie snagged my root beer. Good thing it's decaf!

Friday - Zoe gets the diapers cause we are DONE with them!

Saturday - Pretty sunset ... not as pretty as the sunsets in AZ, but it'll do!

Sunday - Still in bootcamp...

Monday - Christmas cards are beginning to roll in. I LOVE Christmas cards!

Tuesday - Cookie decorating at her BFF Evy's house!

Wednesday - Look at that slim little hiney! Now that the diapers are gone, it actually fits into these jeans!!

Thursday - Baking a cake for the class party!

Friday - Santa came to said class party ... and, no, I actually do NOT know what is with the tongue. Thanks for asking!

Saturday - Movie time on Saturday morning in Mommy and Daddy's bed.

That last one was taken with my cell phone ... even though we were obviously at home ... cause my camera, with it's BRAND NEW BATTERIES, would not turn on.

And, I cannot tell you how sad this makes me...

So, how was YOUR week?