Friday, June 13, 2008

The REAL First Last Day

So yesterday was Hattie's last day of school ... for real this time!

And, for your viewing pleasure ...
The bus ride:

Saying goodbye to Mrs. Maryann and Mrs. Julie:

And in her cute little hat and eating cake! (these were taken with my cell phone after the battery died on the real camera ... please excuse the poor quality!)

And, just so that Sophie can get her time in too ...

Look who is sleeping in a bed, on her back, without a bouncy seat! Looks like she is finally growing into her sinuses.

Now if we can just get her to sleep ALL NIGHT LONG, she can move into her very own room.
New prayer request!!!!!!!

Fitness on Friday

 Fitness on Friday

OK, this week I only lost a pound. I had been at 1.5 ... but then I carbed it up yesterday and went backwards. Ooooppsss!

See, the thing is, I have not written in my food diary at all this week. And that is, for me, a very bad idea. Which leads to my tip for the week.

A food diary.

Of course, this means you have to be honest. You have to write down EVERY SINGLE THING that goes in your mouth. The good, the bad AND the very ugly. It helps keep ya on track. It makes you think about what you are eating - and drinking. If I have to write it down, I have to face that I actually ate what I ate.

Let me tell ya, that has stopped many a teddy graham from passing these lips. Not to mention a few hotdogs, Shrek shaped mac and cheese, gooey and cheesy eggs and bacon (and a LOT of them), chocolate milk, large quantities of soda/pop, french fries and enchiladas with beans ... ALL OF WHICH I HAVE EATEN THIS WEEK! Because I have written nothing down!

Leason learned.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day At The Beach

Yesterday was a lovely day here in the land of unpredictable weather! So, we took advantage of said lovely day and headed off to the beach! Oh boy, we had us some summer fun!

First, we hit the park where Sophie enjoyed her first experience on the slide and both girls got in some swing time!

Then, Hattie found her own private "beach" in a puddle under the swing.

It was all well and good ... til she decided to go in head first!

Next, we took some time for a picnic lunch! (Take note of Hattie's wet/muddy head!)

And then, we were off to the beach! Sophie loved the sand and, eventually, the water. (I ran out of space on my card, so I have to wait to get the pics of her in the water from Cheri) Hattie LOVED it all - the sand, the water, the mud ... all of it!! She was in her element!

I wish I had not run out of space, because the scene when Hattie had to leave ... well, let's just say I would have had enough ammo for ALL of her teen years!

But it was a good day. Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Up On The Roof

So, Monday was spent trying to get someone to our house to fix the roof. Seems there was quite a bit of storm damage in our area - some people did not get their power back on til Tuesday!!! So, needless to say the roof dudes were just a tad busy. So, we finally got a call around 7PM and they were gonna come over. 'Cause more rain was coming that night. And seeing as how we were looking at bare plywood up there, and they did NOT want to cover water damage in our home as well, they were gonna at least patch it, by golly!!!

They got here around 8:30 and by that time the rain had begun AND it was getting dark. But they climbed up there anyway! So, now I have men with flashlights, metal hammers and various tools and metal stuff to hold down the tar paper walking around on the TOP OF MY HOUSE in a thunderstorm ... complete with lightning!!

I asked my man to out there and talk to those boys about Jesus. 'Cause I did not want someone dying on my roof, especially if they were not gonna go to Heaven!!!

I mentioned power outages around town. These included some of the school district buildings. So school was canceled. NOW, Hattie didn't have school on Monday and yesterday was supposed to be her last day. So I got her up and dressed and had her waiting at the door for the bus. And waiting. And waiting. Then, being the quality parent that we all know I am (not), I checked the TV. Schools closed. Apparently they were closed Monday too, and I was unaware. So, now we get to do it all again tomorrow. 'Cause that is her NEW last day of school.

Here is a preview of Hattie's First Last Day Of School!!!

Waiting patiently

Patience wearing thin

Maybe there is NO SCHOOL!!!!

Seriously, where is that bus?

And, my personal favorite ...

Man, I love that girl!!

Well, we are off to get ready for our day at the beach with our buddies Owen, Mrs. Cheri, and maybe (hopefully) Mrs. Kathy, Evy and Jerzey!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - Welcome

The sign on the door may SAY welcome ...

... but that does NOT mean that sick little girls are "welcome" to go out side and play (which apparently does not make her too happy)!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Blustery Day

We had a little excitement around here today. First of all, we had church. And it was GOOD! Worship rocked, the sermon was great (GO ANDY!!!) and the girls were in very good spirits. So, we decided to go for lunch and then I was gonna take Hattie for a haircut. So we get to the restaurant and I look at Hattie and she does NOT look good. Now, 15 minutes earlier she was running around the church, playing and being social, but now... I could see it was about to get ugly. We skipped the haircut and came straight home. She walked in the house, passing two bathrooms, the laundry room AND the kitchen, walked over all of the hardwood floor and onto our expensive rug and ... puked. AAAGGGGHHHH!!! I ran her to the bathroom with her "letting loose" the entire way. By the time we got there she spit into the toilet and was done. That's my girl!

I took her temp, and it was 102!!! YIKES! I got her cleaned up and she retired to the couch in her Barbie pj's and snuggled up with her Little Mermaid blankie. (And yes, my little tomboy is discovering the girlie side of life!)

So, there we are quietly watching NASCAR when all of a sudden the Emergency Alert thing goes off on the TV and the warning sirens start going off outside. Now, since living here we have had warnings before - so much that it is really nothing to even get excited about. But this was different. We look out the window and it is going nuts out there! We grab the girls and a bottle for Sophie and we are off to the basement. Now, our basement is unfinished, so it is a mess, but we had a swing and some toys and a TV, so we were good.

Here is a look at how we spent our time:

At first Sophie was a little dismayed at the swiftness of our descent into the basement.

But then we brought out the bucket o' fun ...

... and she was good to go!

My wonderful hubby let his little girl open up a tornado warning beauty shop!!

Then she spent some time trying to asses the possible damage occurring outside.

So, after a few minutes, everything blew over and, it turns out, we did NOT have an actual tornado. We did, however, have some serious wind. Which did do it's share of damage ...

... fortunately, we only lost a few branches off of our trees, a few shingles off of our roof and the flag off of our pole (and, oh yeah, and our pole too!). As far as we know, no one was hurt. Hubby's sis lost some shingles too. There was more damage to a few houses in town and downed power lines etc..., but over all everything is OK.

Thank You. Father God, for Your protection and Your shield. We are truly humbled by Your power and the care that you give us.