Friday, June 13, 2008

Fitness on Friday

 Fitness on Friday

OK, this week I only lost a pound. I had been at 1.5 ... but then I carbed it up yesterday and went backwards. Ooooppsss!

See, the thing is, I have not written in my food diary at all this week. And that is, for me, a very bad idea. Which leads to my tip for the week.

A food diary.

Of course, this means you have to be honest. You have to write down EVERY SINGLE THING that goes in your mouth. The good, the bad AND the very ugly. It helps keep ya on track. It makes you think about what you are eating - and drinking. If I have to write it down, I have to face that I actually ate what I ate.

Let me tell ya, that has stopped many a teddy graham from passing these lips. Not to mention a few hotdogs, Shrek shaped mac and cheese, gooey and cheesy eggs and bacon (and a LOT of them), chocolate milk, large quantities of soda/pop, french fries and enchiladas with beans ... ALL OF WHICH I HAVE EATEN THIS WEEK! Because I have written nothing down!

Leason learned.

6 of ya left some love:

Lawanda said...

Me too! Well, I haven't eaten all those foods, but I have eaten a variety of foods I shouldn't have. And I wouldn't have eaten them if I had been tracking!!!

Natalie said...

Those dang food journals are such a good idea...and they're so hard to start! I did one once and it really worked...but that was before having kids and I can't bring myself to start one again...and I need to!

Oh and yay for losing at least a pound!

grace said...

those food diaries help a lot, no wonder I am so scared of them...they act as the food police

Jen said...

Writing everything down is truly an eye opener! It helps you stay accountable and meet your goals of weight loss even quicker! I just need to remember to write EVERYTHING down!

mom_of2boys said...

Congratulations on your weight loss this week. If I didn't keep a food journal, I wouldn't want to think of all the junk (mostly chocolate) I would eat.

A+ said...

Today I showed Jim your Blog, he's here in town for a couple of days