Saturday, May 10, 2008

Then Sings My Soul - For my Mommy

Well, this is Mother's Day weekend. And, seeing as how my Mom's gift (along with her Birthday gift - from FEBRUARY!!!) is still sitting on my kitchen counter, I will use this blog and this forum to make her smile. I hope.

SO, because this is my blog and I CAN, I am gonna do two songs this week. One serious and one fun.

This songs speaks to me as both a daughter and a mommy. I see my mom in these words - not into the "temporary trappings" that this world has to offer, but setting her sights on something bigger. Something real! She knows where her real treasures lie - and taught us, with great abandon, where we would find ours. My mom is a GREAT woman, she is successful in business and very revered in her community. To know her is to have a vast amount of respect for her. Many people could - and do - sing her accolades on a regular basis. She is secure in her accomplishments, but rests more assuredly in the fact that she is a child of God. She lives her life to hear the words "well done" from the One who really matters.

I hope and pray that my children see this in me. That I can leave them the kind of legacy that has been left for me. Please Father, let them see You through me and let them see through my life where and how to live for YOU.

Here is Legacy, by Nichole Nordeman:

Now for the fun:

When my mom was dating my daddy, she told him that he had nothing to worry about, unless Eddy Arnold ever came to the door. In which case she would be GONE!
She loved her some Eddy Arnold and effectively instilled that love in me. I remember many hours sitting around - or driving, cleaning, whatever - to his music. We even went to one of his concerts together.
Well, Mr. Arnold passed away this week. It was abitter sweet passing - his wife of 66 years had passed in March and, it is said, that he died of a broken heart. His devotion to his Sally, and the way he lived his life with such dignity is one of the many reasons my mom admired him so. I met him a few years ago and told him the story of what my mom had said to my dad. He laughed and told me to tell my dad he had nothing to fear - he was completely in love with his wife. Such a gentleman.

So, in keeping with the important things this life has to offer, here is Mr Eddy Arnold singing about what "rich" really means.

Stop by Signs, Miracle and Wonders for more songs that speak.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Big Fat Bummer!

My man and my boys left for hunting this morning. I miss 'em already.

Sophie is running a fever. I am fairly sure it is teething, but I am watching her close.

Hattie and I had a run in tonight when she dumped a bucket of toys all over the floor and did NOT want to clean 'em up. Seeing as how her therapist and I had just discussed "follow through" this afternoon, I had to MAKE her do it. I hate being the bad guy.

The good stuff:
H and I made up afterward and drowned our sorrows in ice cream.

Sophie is very cuddly when she doesn't feel good - and mama loves herself a good cuddle.

My man called about an hour after leaving to tell me he missed me and loves me. Boy howdy, that guy can make me feel special.

I got out of bed all by myself this morning - the first time since the accident. Also, the bruises are getting that yellow/green ugly look, which usually means they are going away.

So, I guess the good outweighs the bad. I have so very much to be thankful for - God has Blessed me in more ways than I could ever count or express.

I will pull one of Hubby's shirts out of the laundry to wear to bed and lay my head down on my pillow tonight knowing that, even though the pillow next to mine is empty, I am never alone. I have a Father in Heaven that NEVER leaves or forsakes me. I may get lonely without my Prince Charming, but I am not alone - not with my God right here.

I pray you know that He is with you too.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Boys Are Coming!!!!

Our boys are coming for a visit. They are actually here, just off somewhere with their dad, so we haven't seen 'em yet. They are leaving first thing in the morning to hunt and Hattie is already in bed. Which means that she won't get to see 'em till they get back on Saturday. IF they get home before her bedtime. Otherwise she will have to wait til Sunday.

Have I mentioned how very much Hattie loves her big brothers?

Well, she loves them. Alot!

She calls Steven "Budder" and calls Chris "Kissy". She REALLY loves them boys!

So, here is how our dinner conversation went:

Me: Hey Boo, guess who is comin' to see you ... (she looks at me - as in EYE CONTACT!!!!) ... Budder is coming!

Hattie: BUDDER?!

Me: Uh Huh, and Kissy is coming!

Hattie: Kissy comin' ... and MINY-IE comin'? (Mindy is Budder's fiance)

Me: No, not Mindy this time. Just Budder and Kiss.

Hattie: Budder and Kissy ... WOO-HOO!!!!

So, this is AMAZING on soooooo many different levels. First of all, did ya catch that I mentioned eye contact? And I didn't even have bubbles or ice cream. I was just talking about Budder & Kissy. And that leads us to the 2nd big thing - she processed all of this enough to bring Mindy up all by herself! We have not seen Mindy for months! She put it all together! And the third biggie - the biggest biggie - this was a conversation people!

A conversation in which my baby girl listened, asked questions and showed emotion.

I am completely beside myself with joy. I cannot even BEGIN to express how much this touches my heart.
Please know that this would not be at all possible without your prayers. I am so very thankful. Please keep em coming - we have a long way to go, but this is absolutely HUGE!!!!

Thank you Sweet Lord for a glimpse into the heart of my little girl. I Praise you Father, for she is fearfully and wonderfully made and it is ONLY by Your amazing Grace that she is who she is ...
... and I wouldn't have missed this for anything!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Big Jumbled Mess

OK, a lot to say, a little bit of time. I will try to keep it comprehensible but it's gonna go quick...
... try to keep up!

Sophie officially has a tooth - with one more poking out any day now. The two little nubs that have been sittin' under the surface for a month and a half have FINALLY begun to make their official appearance!
I tried to get a picture, but this is all we could come up with...

... just use your imagination and try to picture a tooth, in a mouth and, ya know, a photo in FOCUS!!!!
With teething comes the runny poops. Making for PILES of laundry that must be pre-soaked and pre-washed. So laundry is stacking up and the clean laundry BEGGING to be folded hardly gets a chance. Yesterday she wen through 5 outfits.

Saturday my hubby took me shopping and let me get new clothes for Mother's Day. Ever since the fashion fiesta a few weeks ago I have been convicted about my style - or lack there of. So I am trying to find some style. I got some really cute clothes.

Clothes that I now have to wait a few weeks to wear because of this:

(and this was taken a day and half later... the rash was much worse. And the BRUISES are just starting to be visible!)

Sunday I was driving to the mall to pick up one more shirt for the upcoming family photos. I will now NOT be wearing that shirt, I must find a high neck one. BUMMER. Anyhoo, I pulled into the wrong spot of the parking lot so was making a u-turn. Hubby's car has MAJOR blind spots. I turned a little sharper to avoid an island and just as a LIGHT POLE was coming out of the blind spot it was also entering the front driver's side of the car. So, as you can tell by picture above, I have some serious seat belt burn and soft tissue trauma and deep bruising. I am bruised in other spots but will spare you THAT visual. Let's just say the lap belt was riding low. Also a deep bruise on my knee where I hit the dash.

THANK YOU LORD that I did not have the girls with me and that it was not any worse.

So, there ya have it.
Gotta go.
Blog at ya later!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - Look Who Dressed Herself!!!

Warm weather brings out the fun shorts, capris and t-shirts ...

... but apparently (according to Hattie who removed the summer shoes I had chosen and found socks and winter boots AND put them on herself!!), not quite time for bare feet ...

... or bare heads!!!

Still to come on the Sweet Abundance channel:

**Sophie has a TOOTH!!!
**And Car wrecks, seat belt rash and "soft tissue trauma" - but I am not stupid, just mechanically deficient!!!