Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Big Jumbled Mess

OK, a lot to say, a little bit of time. I will try to keep it comprehensible but it's gonna go quick...
... try to keep up!

Sophie officially has a tooth - with one more poking out any day now. The two little nubs that have been sittin' under the surface for a month and a half have FINALLY begun to make their official appearance!
I tried to get a picture, but this is all we could come up with...

... just use your imagination and try to picture a tooth, in a mouth and, ya know, a photo in FOCUS!!!!
With teething comes the runny poops. Making for PILES of laundry that must be pre-soaked and pre-washed. So laundry is stacking up and the clean laundry BEGGING to be folded hardly gets a chance. Yesterday she wen through 5 outfits.

Saturday my hubby took me shopping and let me get new clothes for Mother's Day. Ever since the fashion fiesta a few weeks ago I have been convicted about my style - or lack there of. So I am trying to find some style. I got some really cute clothes.

Clothes that I now have to wait a few weeks to wear because of this:

(and this was taken a day and half later... the rash was much worse. And the BRUISES are just starting to be visible!)

Sunday I was driving to the mall to pick up one more shirt for the upcoming family photos. I will now NOT be wearing that shirt, I must find a high neck one. BUMMER. Anyhoo, I pulled into the wrong spot of the parking lot so was making a u-turn. Hubby's car has MAJOR blind spots. I turned a little sharper to avoid an island and just as a LIGHT POLE was coming out of the blind spot it was also entering the front driver's side of the car. So, as you can tell by picture above, I have some serious seat belt burn and soft tissue trauma and deep bruising. I am bruised in other spots but will spare you THAT visual. Let's just say the lap belt was riding low. Also a deep bruise on my knee where I hit the dash.

THANK YOU LORD that I did not have the girls with me and that it was not any worse.

So, there ya have it.
Gotta go.
Blog at ya later!

5 of ya left some love:

Kate said...
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Kate said...

now comeon...
confession time... you were really pulling broadies in the parking lot weren't you? haa haa haa

tee hee hee...where'd that post come from?

You know, they used to pick on me at work 'cause I was pulling into a gas station to fill the air in one of my tires and right in front of the compressor I took my foot off the break and floored it...ran right into the cement posts. I actually turned it on and got some free air out of the deal, but I couldn't tell you why I stomped the gas instead of putting the car in park...was sooo strange.

I hope your wounds...physical, financial, and automotival (you like that word?) heal fast.

ps...I had to delete the first post 'cause I jacked up my story...lol.

Aron, Erica, & Isabelle said...

Oh my goodness!! I hope you're feeling better...that is aweful! Do you still hurt? How bad is the car damage? Let me know if you need anything!

Fran said...

Oh my!! I'm so glad that you are ok...my daddy used to always say, "it could have been alot worse!"

Take care sweet friend. Have a great day!

Kelli said...

Oh man, I hate it when those light posts jump out of no where!

I hope you are recoverying and that you find a nice high neck shirt. A sheer, floral, springy scarf might work too.