Sunday, March 18, 2012


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Sooooooo, it's been a busy few weeks.

Well, five weeks, to be exact.

And, don't worry, I will not subject you to FIVE week worth of pictures.  Just a sampling of what we have been up to...  Here we go!!

We moved into a new house ... here are the welcome doors!

We had a little Blessing party - we asked our sweet friends and family that prayed us here to leave their Blessings on all of the walls that would eventually be painted.  I will cherish every word!

What do you do when you have unpacked the available boxes and you are STILL waiting for the UPS dude, so you can't leave the house?  Mani-Pedi's of course!!!

Sweet Hattie Grace turned eight!  We put candles in her breakfast bar to start her day off right!

She chose an Incredibles themed party ... and I HATE that with the move I just could NOT get myself together in time to make her a cake myself. I did design a picture and have the bakery print it on edible paper for the top of her cake though.  She seemed to enjoy it!

She was NOT thrilled, however, with her pancake dinner on National Pancake day.  (I am so sad that she does not share my love for pancakes...)

I LOVE me some glass jars, and now that I have the counter space to use and display them, I have someplace to put my weakness ... LOVE me some tootsie roll pops. Grape is my favorite! YUM!

I also have room to properly display my antiques. This was my grandma's (and possibly her mother before her) sewing machine.  BEAUTIFUL!

Eli's first visit in the new house. He LOVES all the extra space.  He also loves Sophie!

My sweet friend Amanda's son Brayden was in the hospital for TWELVE days with a mystery ailment that they could NOT figure out. Poor guy was so sick. This is a little love note that the girls wrote.  Yes, SOPHIE wrote the whole thing out too - hers is the bottom one! SO proud!
(PS - Bray is home and fine now and I LOVE that the children from our church are learning the power of prayer so early! LOVE!)

Poor Woody ... a cowboy - SHERIFF no less - should never be treated this way.  But ANY toy in the house of Sophie is likely to end up in a bikini top and a tu-tu. It's just the way she rolls...

This was the day that my piano finally made it to the new home.  I am SOOOOOOO happy!

Unpacking boxes has been so emotional - these treasures are left behind by loved ones gone on to Heaven.  All in one box.  I was a puddle on the floor by the end.

Alexis is a big sister now and I FINALLY got to do a photo shoot with sweet Jocelyn!  How adorable is she in her tu-tu?!  LOVE the way it turned out!

Alexis in an outfit that her mommy wore at her age! SWEETNESS!

The girls together - Alexis is smitten - has been since first sight. The way she loves her "Baby" is completely precious!

So, there ya go, a sample of the last few weeks.  Still putting the house together, so a pictorial of our new home is coming.  SO happy to be here though ... and so Blessed!

Thank you Sara for hosting!