Friday, January 30, 2009

Look Alikes ... Part One

Here is our Miss Sophie ...

... and, I know what you're thinkin'. "Oh, great! Another picture of your (completely and utterly adorable) kid in her PJ's ... you're point is ...?"

And, yes, I would have to agree with you, she IS completely and utterly adorable.

Thank you for noticing!

But, there is a point to my posting another seemingly random picture of said completely and utterly adorable child. And that point is this ...

*** Enter drumroll for dramatic effect ***

... THIS is her daddy in similar dress and pose in days long gone by.

And, oh. my. good. golly. Does she not look just like him?

It is amazing to me that God would bring us a child - through adoption, no less - that looks so very much like my man! Thank you Lord, there is no doubt in our minds that this little girl (ya know, the completely and utterly adorable one) was created just for us!

He just had to take the scenic route in getting her to us.

Which just makes the journey a little more interesting, no?

And, in case you need a little more proof, kindly observe the following :

Like Daughter ...

... like Daddy!

MAN, that God is sooooooo good!

And, coming soon (if I can find a decent baby pic of yours truly), another episode of Look Alikes: Like Mother Like Daughter, featuring Hattie Grace!

Who, by the way, is completely and utterly adorable her own sweet self!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whoo 2 The Hoo

Hi! I just wanted to pop in real quick to let y'all know that ... ahem ...


That is all.

(yeah, just a little excited)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm About To Whine ...

So, Sunday we went to church. All of us. And it has been a while since every person in this house was healthy enough to go to church at the same time. So long, in fact, there was actual rejoicing when we all walked through the door. No, literally! People at the door (OK, person, Derek!!) watched us walk in and said "YAY, you're all healthy!!". And we heard similar comments from a few others through the day. We also all made it to Home Group for Bible Study that night! Yeah, it was wonderful!

Then I woke up on Monday morning not feeling quite myself. I wrote it off thinking that I had maybe just not slept well... But by the middle of the day, I knew. I am sick. STINK! Thought I had escaped the big bad bug!

And THEN ... Yesterday I called the eye doctor to make an appointment. Now, ya know we have been trying to save money. Because, ya know, we have none! So when I opened the last pair of contacts IN NOVEMBER, I figured I had better make em last cause we could not afford to get more! So, I stretched em out knowing that my last appointment was in January and if I could last til this January, new ones would be covered by insurance - clever, no? So, I called to make my appointment (tomorrow is one year) and found out that, hello, we are on a 24 month plan! Meaning I cannot get another exam until NEXT January! And, they will not sell you more contacts when your prescription is more than a year old. Arrrggghhhh!

Oh yeah, one more thing ... my glasses, they BROKE!

So, I convinced the lovely lady at Costco to sell me one box of contacts today - and we happened to have a Costco gift certificate (Thank You Father God!!!) that covered them. But, they cannot fix my glasses ... SO, if anyone knows where a person can get a pair of glasses, contacts and an eye exam for, oh, I dunno, FREE, let me in on that little goodie! Thanks!

So, here I sit, feeling like a freight truck is sitting on my sinuses and wearing contacts even though I am pretty sure my eyeball is turned inside out and being scratched by a brillo pad. Yeah, it is fun!

OK, I just needed to get that whining over with before my man gets home!

On the other hand, my man is REALLY good at taking care of an ailing wife, the girls are contentedly playing together as I type, and the roast my Hubby made on Sunday seems to be multiplying in the fridge and lasting longer than it should ... kinda like a certain fish and loaf of bread you may have heard of!

Because, yesiree bobby, my God is just THAT good!

Oh, yes He is!

And I am soooo done whining now!

Your welcome!

So, how is your day going?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Face of Joy

Well, I don't know that I will ever win this thing, but I love photographing faces ... especially the faces of my children! This weeks theme is "joy" and I have chosen this shot of Sophie:

This was taken as she came down the slide for the very first time. I think the picture clearly shows that she LOVED the ride! And this pure, sweet, innocent joy was all over her face every single time she came around that bend. But nothing was quite as sweet as this first time!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project 365 - Week 4

Project 365
Well, here we are again. Another glimpse into the crazy happenings here at B Manor. I almost said "exciting happenings", which would have surely led all three of you reading this to get the wrong impression. But, though we may not be exciting to the rest of the world, to this mommy we are more than enough! And "crazy", we are fo sho!!!

Jan. 19 - her is Sweet Miss Sophie bustin' a move with her man Elmo (or, as she likes to call him "ma-mo"). And for all of you not in the know, homegirl can bust a SERIOUS move!!!

Jan. 20 - Oh. My. GOSH. Will this snow EVER melt away? Not with temps that don't even break freezing it won't! Welcome to the frozen North!

Jan. 21 - I am following along with my PBFF Beth Moore and memorizing some Scripture this year. We are doing two verses a month. However, I picked for my first verse the entire 150th chapter of Psalms. Yeah, still working on that one. But here is Verse 6 - the last verse! I ma gettin' er done!

Jan 22 - This is the book for my devo, "Jesus, 90 days with the One and Only" ... this day ROCKED my world! I love you Beth Moore! And if you happen to read my little blog (HAH!) and see this and wanted to comment, I am sure I would welcome that gladly!

Jan. 23 - A date with the man of my dreams AND a cherry limeaid! Pure Heaven my friends, PURE Heaven! Oh, sweet Sonic, welcome to MI!!! We sat in the street for over 20 minutes just waiting to get in the parking lot, the line was so long ... Oh, SO worth it!!

Jan. 24 - (two pics for this day) We took the girls outside to play in the snow. Sophie was not so much a fan. Now, judging from this pic you would thing the snow was not too deep, but you would be wrong. It has just been so cold that Sophie could not break through to even sink!

Hattie, however, was breaking it off in chunks and having a ball. This girl stayed out so long that her sleeves were literally frozen solid when she came in. Yes, a warm bath was soooo in order!

Jan. 25 - today I will be doing the mad dash to catch up with my Max Lucado study for Home Group tonite! So, whatever you do, do NOT tell SuperModel that I am still working on this!

So, how was YOUR week?