Saturday, August 9, 2008

Adoption Pictures

Here are some of the great shots that Auntie Weezer (Hubby's sis, Melissa) took of the adoption proceedings!

Waiting our turn: Chelsea & Kayla

Sophie & her boyfriend, Mr. Darcy

Grandma & Grandpa

In the court room

Notice SuperModel on the witness stand! She chose to sit there so she would have a good view of me CRYING!!!

Celebrating afterwards!! Our wonderful Judge!

The fRamily who came to share our joy (please ignore the fact that Hattie is trying to Houdini her way out of the stroller - which she was in because she kept trying to run away - and in the mean time is showing her princess undies to the WHOLE WORLD!!!).

A family group shot.
There will be more to come on "Picture Perfect Monday", but I knew if I didn't get some up before then I would be in BIG trouble with my Mommy!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sweet Abundance, Indeed

Today, our abundance got a whole lot sweeter! The courts FINALLY acknowledge what our hearts have known all along. Our sweet girl is now - and FOREVER - known legally as Sophie Lee B....! And all glory and thanks goes to the One who brought her to us from the very beginning. Thank You Father God for this Blessing.

Hubby's sis Melissa was - as always - our official photographer for the event. Which means pictures are "to come". I have a few that we took, but the ones of us all gussied up for court, in the court room and afterwards will have to wait.

Some hi-lights of the day:

Sophie had her famous smile beaming the whole time!

She also "chatted it up" during the proceedings, which was fun.

So many of our fRamily were there to share the joy with us - Hubby's mom and dad, sister Melissa, nieces Chelsea and Kayla, SuperModel & her hubs (Amanda Jo & Darcy - who also happens to be Sophie's boyfriend!!), The Christian fam - Eric, Mary, Caleb & Cassie, Cheri & her cute boy Owen, Kathy & her sweet Evy as well as one of the caseworkers - Dawn (who is preggars and as cute as can be with her baby bump!!). Thank you all for coming to share our joy!!!

Hattie, in a fancy dress she picked herself, was such a sweetie all day (well, until about noon when we realized that because we had had to wake her up at 6:30, she was not up to eating breakfast and had had NOTHING to eat all day. THUS the melt down. A little bit of mall food court pizza and she was good to go!).

The Judge was so nice and let everyone sit ANYWHERE THEY WANTED!

SuperModel chose a seat right next to the Judge! And when all was said and done, the judge let her hammer the gavel to declare it official! She was so cute! Alas, no pics - and that makes me sad:( But it is a fun memory that I will have FOR-E-VER!

After court we decorated the car to let the world know of our joy:

And then we headed to the mall where Sophie adopted her own someone special!
Meet "Flo Mingo"!!

Notice any resemblance?

Yeah, I thought so too!!

We had such an amazing day! Thank you all for your prayers and your support! We are so Blessed to have such an amazing fRamily - not to mention all of my lovely and wonderful Siestas!!!

We love you!!!!!

Praise Him...

... today, she becomes ours FOREVER!!!

Thank You, Sweet Jesus!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two Days!

So, yeah, Sophie's adoption will be final in TWO DAYS!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I am so excited!! Friday morning (bright and early) we have us a date at the court house!!! (I fully realize that there are more !!!'s in this paragraph to get passing marks from any English teacher in the free world, but seriously, y'all .... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stop myself!) (and, I just said "y'all" - like I am Beth Moore or something!!!) (BTW - Beth, if you are reading this - 'cause, ya know, we ARE PBFF's - you are totally invited to the adoption!!!)

My buddy SuperModel took me shopping last night. She is like having my own personal Stacy London/style guru. She sent me into that dressing room with more clothes than I currently have in my closet - well, OK, not really, but at least more non t-shirt/non sweats/non hoodie/non jean clothes! (lookie there, another !) We found a very cute outfit in a store that is closing this month. Everything was half off the lowest price. Can I get an AMEN? Original sticker value of said clothes (a blouse, pair of pants, bracelet and hoodie shirt) was $143.00, the markdown sticker price was $76.96, I got 50% off of that - plus a coupon for an additional 50% off of THAT price for the blouse. All told, I paid $32.82!!! Seriously, does anyone else hear the angels singing in the background? And, I really think that it is because SuperModel totally prayed over the clothes before I went into the fitting room, and because God cares about the little things too, He answered our prayers! And I even got to head over to payless to get a pair of shoes - very cute black heels, that in every other size cost a dollar more than they cost in my size!!!

Even the small stuff friends!

Plus, the outfit totally coordinates with the dress my mommy got Sophie for the adoption. Oh, yeah, He is just cool like that!

And, yeah, Sophie is 11 months old now. I can hardly stand it. She is more of her own little person every single day. She is fun and funny and sweet and charming and loving and social and ... I could go on. She is less of a little baby every day, and that makes my heart weep a little, but seeing who she is becoming is an adventure that I would not trade for anything it the whole entire world.

I love you Sophie Bug!!!!

And, finally, today is my sister Marla's birthday! My sister is A-MA-ZING!!! When I was a little girl, I just wanted to be her. And, in many ways, I still do. She is beautiful in every way and everything that a big sister should be. She has a blog, and is absolutely sure that I am the only one who reads it. (Therefore she hardly ever posts) So, if you wouldn't mind heading over HERE and wishing her a happy day. And, tell her to post a stinking picture of Duncan already!!!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Fun

Those wonderful women over at 5 Minutes For Mom are having a photo contest. This time they are celebrating the magic of summer. PLUS, you can win $500! That is Five HUNDRED American dollars! That is about half of what it is gonna cost to get all four of us to the big AZ for Steven's wedding in November.

Umm, people at 5 Minutes For Mom .... I could really use the dough! Hint. Hint. Nudge. Nudge!

Here are a couple of possibilities (what kinda mom would I be if I could choose between my girls?).

I know that you can't see their faces, but the wonder of a little girl (or two) facing a big 'ol hunk of water is just sweet. Even sweeter when that little girl (or two) holds a big 'ol hunk of your heart!

But, I s'pose I gotta pick one picture, and one picture only. How impossible is that?!?!?! But if I gotta choose ... ... all my kiddos, down by the water, is the way to go. My girls heart their big brothers BIG TIME!!! And, it seems, the feeling is mutual! I liked it so well, I made it my header!

(So, again, I beg of you - lovely people at 5 Minutes For Mom - Please help us get to biggest brother's wedding!!!)

Picture Perfect Monday - Cuteness Warning!!

So, for Miss Sophie's 1st Birthday/Adoption party we are having a luau (ALOHA!!), so we had to take some special pictures for the invitations!!!

****WARNING: The following images are likely to cause you to want to hug, and possibly even kiss, your computer screen!!!***

(Can't say I didn't warn ya!!)