Saturday, August 9, 2008

Adoption Pictures

Here are some of the great shots that Auntie Weezer (Hubby's sis, Melissa) took of the adoption proceedings!

Waiting our turn: Chelsea & Kayla

Sophie & her boyfriend, Mr. Darcy

Grandma & Grandpa

In the court room

Notice SuperModel on the witness stand! She chose to sit there so she would have a good view of me CRYING!!!

Celebrating afterwards!! Our wonderful Judge!

The fRamily who came to share our joy (please ignore the fact that Hattie is trying to Houdini her way out of the stroller - which she was in because she kept trying to run away - and in the mean time is showing her princess undies to the WHOLE WORLD!!!).

A family group shot.
There will be more to come on "Picture Perfect Monday", but I knew if I didn't get some up before then I would be in BIG trouble with my Mommy!!!

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Kate said...

I knew the time was coming, but I haven't kept up...oops. How precious this time is...and yes she is just darling! I loved her sweet smile in every picture...she must have known this day was all about her. I also love the pic of Hattie adoring her daddy...that's sooo cute.

Sorry you can't make it. Turns out some of the bloggers cheated and signed up their mothers, sisters, and friends so they can meet Beth and now we're not actually going to meet her and sup together 'cause there are too many people (1000) who signed up. I'm kind of bummed 'cause you know that many true blogging siesta's weren't able to actually make it. *sigh* oh well. I guess what they will be doing now is a Q&A time with mind imagines it like an Oprah show...Lord help us all. haa haa haa.
Anyway...enough of my bellyaching...I must go feed the dog at my pastor's house (they're out of town) then get ready for friend Neddra is preaching. She's pretty good, but doesn't like preaching for second service. She calls it "the other church." I tried to tell her we're all just sinners in need of a Anyway...must be on time today to pray for her and support her (I have a bad habit...just as almost everyone has that attends second service, of strolling in whenever...oh heck, that just a Colorado thing). Hemp clothing, Berkies, and a coin toss between church and the mountains.