Friday, August 8, 2008

Sweet Abundance, Indeed

Today, our abundance got a whole lot sweeter! The courts FINALLY acknowledge what our hearts have known all along. Our sweet girl is now - and FOREVER - known legally as Sophie Lee B....! And all glory and thanks goes to the One who brought her to us from the very beginning. Thank You Father God for this Blessing.

Hubby's sis Melissa was - as always - our official photographer for the event. Which means pictures are "to come". I have a few that we took, but the ones of us all gussied up for court, in the court room and afterwards will have to wait.

Some hi-lights of the day:

Sophie had her famous smile beaming the whole time!

She also "chatted it up" during the proceedings, which was fun.

So many of our fRamily were there to share the joy with us - Hubby's mom and dad, sister Melissa, nieces Chelsea and Kayla, SuperModel & her hubs (Amanda Jo & Darcy - who also happens to be Sophie's boyfriend!!), The Christian fam - Eric, Mary, Caleb & Cassie, Cheri & her cute boy Owen, Kathy & her sweet Evy as well as one of the caseworkers - Dawn (who is preggars and as cute as can be with her baby bump!!). Thank you all for coming to share our joy!!!

Hattie, in a fancy dress she picked herself, was such a sweetie all day (well, until about noon when we realized that because we had had to wake her up at 6:30, she was not up to eating breakfast and had had NOTHING to eat all day. THUS the melt down. A little bit of mall food court pizza and she was good to go!).

The Judge was so nice and let everyone sit ANYWHERE THEY WANTED!

SuperModel chose a seat right next to the Judge! And when all was said and done, the judge let her hammer the gavel to declare it official! She was so cute! Alas, no pics - and that makes me sad:( But it is a fun memory that I will have FOR-E-VER!

After court we decorated the car to let the world know of our joy:

And then we headed to the mall where Sophie adopted her own someone special!
Meet "Flo Mingo"!!

Notice any resemblance?

Yeah, I thought so too!!

We had such an amazing day! Thank you all for your prayers and your support! We are so Blessed to have such an amazing fRamily - not to mention all of my lovely and wonderful Siestas!!!

We love you!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

We are so happy for all of you. This just makes it legal, she has been my niece since day one. We can't wait to meet her face to face.
Lots of Love from the Desert,
Dan, Andrea and Trinity