Friday, September 5, 2008

To my Sweet Baby Girl

Dear Sophie,

Oh, my sweet Bug, do you have a clue in this world how very much we love you? Do you feel it when we greet you in the morning with "good morning beautiful!"? Do you know that we love you when we change you and dress you for the day and feed you breakfast? Do you have any idea what you are to us when we are playing and singing and laughing with you through the day? And when we put you to bed at night - do you know that the prayers that we say over you are because we know that the only One in the world who loves you more than we do is the One who brought you to us? Can you feel how much you are loved? I hope so, because there are not words to even begin to tell you what you mean to us.

One year ago today I got to be in the room when your mama Kim brought you into the world. She let me hold you first, and I got to help them clean off your tiny body and wrap you in your first blanket and watch you take your first breaths and your first cries. I held you in my arms, totally unable to see your sweet face through my tears, and told you how very much I loved you. And I could not imagine how much more I would love you a year later. Oh, Sophie, How could I have known?

And your mama Kim - Oh Baby Girl, how she loves you too. I want you to know, and never EVER doubt, her love. I can't imagine how hard it was to let you go. She did what she felt was best for you when she let us be your mommy and daddy - and I pray that we never let her down! She was the one who felt your first movements and carried you beneath her heart while you were being developed. She chose adoption for you, because she wanted more for you than she could have given. She chose us because she felt led by God that we were "the ones". She let me meet you before you were born. I went to doctor visits and heard your heartbeat and your hiccups and watched you on a computer screen and fell in love with you, long before that day a year ago. When you were placed in my arms, it was like meeting someone I already knew and loved. And Mama Kim, she was so happy to meet you to. She loves you so much. She sends me messages asking me to tell you so all the time. And I do. And I will. Because I do too, and I want you to know that the choices made, were for your benefit. We were only Blessed to be chosen to participate. Thank you Mama Kim. And Thank You Abba Father.

Sophie, watching you grow has been such a joy. You were such a sweet, peaceful baby. You needed us for everything and we happily obliged. And now, you are becoming your own little person. You are funny and love to make people smile and laugh. You are sweet, you love to cuddle and snuggle and hug. You are energetic - you went from bouncing in your exersaucer (and I do mean BOUNCING!!!!) to crawling at record speeds overnight. I have never seen a faster baby than you. You keep mommy and daddy on their toes, that's for sure. You love to dance - and you got rhythm baby! All along, if you are bouncing to a tune, you bounce on beat. And laughing and smiling the whole time! And you do a shoulder shimmy thing that is the cutest thing EVER!!! Even now I am watching you dance to a song on the TV - after a rough beginning, you finally LOVE Sesame Street (proving that God cares about even the smal things for this mommy!!!). And oh, my love, when you smile!!! When you were brand new I knew you would be a smiler, because even then, when you smile you smile with your entire body! Your face lights up, your body even smiles!!! And seeing that smile first thing in the morning makes my day!!!! You LOVE your daddy and your sister. You have a special smile and snuggle that is only for daddy. I love to watch the two of you together. And you think that Hattie is the best thing since sliced bread. All she has to do is look your way and you light up. Seeing you play together and love on each other is pure Heaven to me. You are the first person that she has ever really interacted with (except daddy and i) in a real way. I love that you are already one of her best friends. She needed you as much as we did, I think. You have so very much to teach, and learn from, each other. I can't wait to watch it happen!

Sophie, I want you to know, that being your mommy is one of the greatest joys I have ever, or will ever, know. You are more than I could ever have imagined in a daughter. I love getting to know you and loving on you and spending my days watching you grow. You are one of my truest joys and Blessings. I hope you know that. I hope that you FEEL that.

Oh, baby girl, I love you so!!!!!

Love you FOREVER,

PS - here are your first moments as a one year old.

I love that you are such a morning person!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Yellow Bus - And One Lonely Little Girl

Hattie boarded the big yellow bus this morning. And as happy as she was to be on that bus, well, that is about how sad Sophie was to watch her go.

Here is how it all went down:

Waiting for the bus

This shot clearly shows how she feels about having her picture taken!


And away she goes!

And here is Sophie waiting for her sister to come home :(

Kinda breaks the heart, huh!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The BIG Day ...

***Please excuse the quality of the potos in this post. It was dark in the house, the camera was acting up and I was being rushed by a certain, VERY handsome, man that needed to go to work "AS SOON AS WE ARE DONE!!!". Also, just kinda ignore the big pile o' shoes behind Hattie in the house shot. Thanks:) ***

Hattie is a school girl once again. And no one is happier than she is! In fact, because we were only at school for an orientation today, she was very disappointed that she did not get to stay. Here is our morning in pictures (oh yeah, ya knew the pics were coming!!) ...

My big girl, all ready to go!

This was followed by a tad bit of sadness that she had to ride in the car and not the bus!! But Daddy made the car a fun experience so it was all OK soon enough.

"OK, School, here I am ... let the fun begin!!"

The long walk in.

Sophie is none too happy about the prospect of not having her sis around all day :(

Headin' off to class, she knew JUST where we were going (her classroom from last year) and wanted to do it all on her own.

Here we are!!!

Of course, once we got inside I forgot all about the camera, so I have no pics with her teachers. STINK!!

We had our meeting, filled out the papers and it was time to go. I told Hattie to say good bye and she said "goodbye mom". No, no, no ... you are coming with mommy. Tell Ms MaryAnn see you tomorrow. "See ya tomorrow mom, I love you".

Well, at least she loves me.

By the way, my friend SuperModel is now a blogger!!! YAY! She let me help her make her page pretty. Yep, designed it all by my own little self! Then she helped me tweak the colors and VOILA! I am LOVING putting these blogs together and learning something new. Anyone else want one? I am thinking, if I get real good at it, of using it as a way to offset the adoption costs and get us back above water. What do ya think?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What A Weekend

We had a lovely weekend. Three whole days with Daddy home always makes the mommy a happy camper, and that sentiment seems to be felt by the girlies as well. Which also makes the mommy a happy camper. A happy-er camper, if you will!

Saturday was mostly a work day - getting the yard ready for Sophie's b-day party this coming weekend, laundry, cleaning, etc... However, Hubby did manage to have a date with his girl. He took Hattie on a few of his errands and then took her for a milkshake and playdate at McDonald's. She LOVED it, as always, and I think Daddy enjoyed it himself. I love that he will be the first dates that our girls will have. He is teaching them how they should be treated by a man and respected on a date and I love that they are learning from the best. He is such a great dad!!!! AND a great husband. We are, all three, lucky girls!

Saturday evening we had family fun time and stayed up a little later than we intended. We have been working to get Hattie ready for school hours and had spent the week getting her up earlier and earlier so that she would go down earlier as well. And in one day we ruined it. On Sunday, as is a rare occasion, Hubby and I had nothing to do at church. Neither of us was up for worship team or sound or drama or ANYTHING! So, we decided to go to second service, which means sleeping in! However, BOTH girls also slept in and we ALL woke up too late for even second service!!!!!! OOPS! How often does that happen? Never, I tell ya!

Saturday evening we went to Aunt Weezer's house for a pool party. The girls LOVE the pool in a very big way. However, Hattie does not like going under water. After doing so she attempted to climb to the top of my head to avoid the water all together. She eventually decided that the steps were OK - as long as everybody left her alone. Sophie swam like a champ though, even went under water a few times and it was all OK. After a rousing game of water volleyball, in which hubby was the conquering hero (as always), mommy got to enjoy a rousing game of 31/Blitz. Usually they play for quarters, but they must have been feeling a bit rich, cause they went for DOLLARS this time. I had to borrow my three dollars from Madison ... an 8Th grader!!! However, I did win!!! After giving Madison her $3 back, I walked away with EIGHTEEN DOLLARS! Oh, friends, that is a haircut (with my trusty coupon)!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

Suddenly it was almost 10 o'clock and, again, the girls were still up! Oops. So we took 'em home and straight to bed! And they both - which means all of us - slept in again Monday morning! As nice as it was, I was worried about the whole school thing! However, after another work/play day, we went to Weezer's house AGAIN and swam in the pool AGAIN. So, two times in Weezer's pool and two times I forgot the camera. Good job mom! However, Weezer (AKA Melissa) IS our family photographer, so she had us covered!!!! However, she is old school and works with FILM instead of digital, so we have to wait for development! Ugh!!!

We did have the girls in bed by 8:30 last night, and in some strange twist of fate, they both woke up early this morning, so we are back on schedule for school starting tomorrow!!!! Oh, who am I kidding with the "twist of fate" thing. It is an act of God - who cares about even the small things! Thank You Lord, for Your awesomeness!!!! Oh, the love and mercy You bring! We are so very Blessed!

Pictures are coming soon!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - My Little Buggie

In honor of Sophie's first birthday on Friday, today's PPM post is all about the Bug!!!

Sophie likes fish ...

... neck nibbles from Daddy ...

... playing with sis ...

... and being Mommy's helper.

(She's also pretty cute - even when she cries!!)