Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The BIG Day ...

***Please excuse the quality of the potos in this post. It was dark in the house, the camera was acting up and I was being rushed by a certain, VERY handsome, man that needed to go to work "AS SOON AS WE ARE DONE!!!". Also, just kinda ignore the big pile o' shoes behind Hattie in the house shot. Thanks:) ***

Hattie is a school girl once again. And no one is happier than she is! In fact, because we were only at school for an orientation today, she was very disappointed that she did not get to stay. Here is our morning in pictures (oh yeah, ya knew the pics were coming!!) ...

My big girl, all ready to go!

This was followed by a tad bit of sadness that she had to ride in the car and not the bus!! But Daddy made the car a fun experience so it was all OK soon enough.

"OK, School, here I am ... let the fun begin!!"

The long walk in.

Sophie is none too happy about the prospect of not having her sis around all day :(

Headin' off to class, she knew JUST where we were going (her classroom from last year) and wanted to do it all on her own.

Here we are!!!

Of course, once we got inside I forgot all about the camera, so I have no pics with her teachers. STINK!!

We had our meeting, filled out the papers and it was time to go. I told Hattie to say good bye and she said "goodbye mom". No, no, no ... you are coming with mommy. Tell Ms MaryAnn see you tomorrow. "See ya tomorrow mom, I love you".

Well, at least she loves me.

By the way, my friend SuperModel is now a blogger!!! YAY! She let me help her make her page pretty. Yep, designed it all by my own little self! Then she helped me tweak the colors and VOILA! I am LOVING putting these blogs together and learning something new. Anyone else want one? I am thinking, if I get real good at it, of using it as a way to offset the adoption costs and get us back above water. What do ya think?

3 of ya left some love:

Kelli said...

What a sweetie! Glad she's ready to go back!

If you are bored I'd let you play with the background/colors on my blog but I'm too cheap to pay ya to do it! LOL!!

j said...

Hattie looks so proud...her face is beaming! I love it! She really has blossomed over this past year. Tomorrow will be an exciting day for her!

I tweaked the colors on my blog. Thanks for all your help and for putting up with my "picky-ness" in finding just the right were patient with me. You do great work RS! You definitely have creativity written all over you. :)

Kelly said...

You go Hattie. What progress for you little girl. Love the pics, especially the one with her hands up looking at the school.