Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Yellow Bus - And One Lonely Little Girl

Hattie boarded the big yellow bus this morning. And as happy as she was to be on that bus, well, that is about how sad Sophie was to watch her go.

Here is how it all went down:

Waiting for the bus

This shot clearly shows how she feels about having her picture taken!


And away she goes!

And here is Sophie waiting for her sister to come home :(

Kinda breaks the heart, huh!

3 of ya left some love:

calista said...

I have a question if you don't mind sharing your knowledge just a bit....where in the HTML of the template do you type in a personal message under your post i.e. where you have 'of ya left some love'

I have nearly gone completely blind trying to figure this one out, and I am pretty much a hunchback at this point from leaning over the laptop with my eyes glued to the templete on the screen. I am a pretty sight I'll tell ya...

Fran said...

Poor little Sophie...I hope she did ok. Well, I hope you all had a great day but you know what I mean! :)

Happy Friday!

j said...

That is so sweet. Love the shot of Hattie on the bus- and those ones of Sophie looking out for her are precious. You are a good photographer...You've got the eye!