Saturday, October 3, 2009

Be Still My Mama's Heart ...

She couldn't stop at turning two ...

She just has to keep growing up.

How is this mama's heart supposed to deal with the fact that my sweet baby girl is less and less of a baby every time I turn around?

Here is a rundown of all of the big girl things that Sophie is doing these days:

*She talks more and more every day - not just gibberish anymore, real live big kid words.

*She counts - by herself - to 14.

*She knows her alphabet.

*She RECOGNIZES all single digit numbers, upper and lowercase letters and can even tell me what sounds some of those letters make.

*She knows, and makes known, what she does and does not want to wear. (To the point that, at times, I have resorted to hiding the princess dresses)

*She is becoming more and more picky about what she eats - so NOT excited about THIS transition!!

*She is becoming more and more picky about what she drinks - so NOT complaining about this one since, usually, she wants water!

*She is becoming more and more helpful all the time - including helping to put things away (even in the right places!) when it's time!

And now, the really BIG transformation that seems to be taking place ....

She is asking to sit on the potty.

But not the little potty that has been sitting in the bathroom since the one time she asked many months ago.

No, our girl wants to sit on the REAL potty.

The porcelain one that her little bum wants to fall through. (Thank you to Mrs. Barby for the fishy ring that keeps her from goin down!)

She has yet to actually GO on the potty, but she is becoming aware enough to want to be changed as soon as she HAS gone in her diaper. And every time she is changed she wants to "go potty".

So, this weekend we are moving the diaper station into the bathroom as the first step in our official potty training journey.

Now, my REGULAR method of potty training is "all panties, all the time" with little to no exceptions. However, because we are quickly moving into the cold fall and winter months here in the Frozen North, I may have to alter that system a bit.

And, truthfully, I am not at all sure how to do that.

So ... looks like it might be time for MAMA to do a bit of growing too.