Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear Food Network ...

I would like to introduce you to the future winner of The Next Food Network Star ...

Her name is Sophie Lee and she has been an avid chef since the age of three (in other words, for the last few weeks).  She loves to work with fruits and vegetables, but balances it out nicely with cheeses, meats and breads - she likes a well rounded meal.  Her favorite Chefs are Giada, The Barefoot Countessa and Paula Deen.  She has studied under them through her entire career.

Perhaps you would like to see her in action.

Welcome to Sophie - the Small Chef!  Today we will be whipping up our famous all inclusive meal  - this dish has EVERYTHING!  And, I promise, you are going to LOVE it!  Let's get started!

First we are going to peel a banana.  Be careful of those strings - they are yuck!
 Place your banana in a bowel - now I have already lined the bowl with some elegant crackers and the finest cheese (AKA all the ingredients of a Lunchable).
 Now we are gonna add some grapes to the mix.  I love the sweetness that grapes bring to a dish ... and I REALLY like the way they squirt! Especially if you chew them with your mouth open!  
(what?  Hello ... I'm THREE!!)

 Plus, it is REALLY fun to pull them off the branches!

 Oh ... wait ... I forgetted,  We have to cut the banana up first.  Please be safe and use a completely dull plastic knife ... especially if you are under the age of four.

 Now, this is important ... NEVER forget to take a few bites while you are preparing your dish.  (I learned that part from my mama!)
 And ALWAYS share with your sister ... and try to ignore the fact that she is wearing a leotard that is approximately 12 sizes too small. Don't laugh, she thinks she looks bootiful!)
 (HEY!  YOU!  Quiet on the set!!!)
 **Mommy Editorial:  Please also ignore the fact that she is in SERIOUS need of a haircut and that neither of them have had their hair combed - hair and makeup did NOT fit in the budget**
 OK, now we are gonna chest the apple (TRANSLATION: Zest the apple).  This adds flavor and color to our dish.  It is the perfect completion of our preparations.
 There ya go!
 Try it!  It's YUMMY!!!
Thanks for cooking with me ... see ya next time y'all!!!  (I learned that part from Paula Deen!)

So Food Network - what do you think?  Let me guess, you are just dying to sign her up and pay for her college education. Am I right?  Well, that would just be swell! Thanks!