Friday, October 3, 2008

Hot For The Holidays - Week 4

Hot for the Holidays

Let me start by saying that, at this rate, I should be hot for the holidays ... in 2012!!!!

I didn't weigh in last week 'cause I was on the Breast Cancer 3Day. Now, let me tell you that I did not walk, I was on the crew. The "Check In" crew to be exact. On that crew it is our job to pep the walkers up in the am and motivate them and welcome them "home" in the PM. Our particular crew chooses to do this with music. And dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. So, given the fact that I danced my fanny off from around 7am to 8:30ish am and then again from around noon til 6:30ish pm - NON STOP!!! - and filled the rest of my day with walks to the store, cleaning of the camp, drinking lots and lots of water, avoidance of the Peppridge Farm tent and snack table and drinking more water, I had high hopes of coming home to a friendly scale. Imagine my horror when that dad burned thing told me I had GAINED FIVE POUNDS!!!!!!

What the hey?!

But did I give up and run for the cookie jar? NO ... 'cause it was empty.

I did however, run for the ice cream ... a very small bowl of sugar free homemade ice cream that was the end of the container, thereby ridding the house of the temptation.

Then, by golly, I pulled up my big girl panties and got down to business. And I am happy to say that as of this morning I am only two pounds up from where I was before the weekend. Still, sadly, two pound up, but three down from Mon. Doesn't that count for something?!?!?!?

Please tell me it does, cause in searching for dinner the other day I ran across a FULL container of sugar free Edy's Fudge Tracks Ice Cream. So, please, I need the encouragement to leave it where it lies in the back of the freezer.

Have a great weekend. And, I promise, 3Day details this weekend.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

At Which Point They All Ran Away Screaming "T.M.I.!!!!"

If you are here looking for my Breast Cancer 3Day post, you will have to wait 'til tomorrow. I am here today to do some venting. Oh, yes I am.

And if you are of the male persuasion, I bid you LOOK AWAY NOW!!!!!!

Seriously, ya gotta go.

RUN ... NOW!

We'll wait.

OK, don't say I didn't warn ya.

All righty ladies (and you stubborn men, who are about to run screaming "T.M.I.!!!" at the top of your manly lungs!!!), yesterday I made a mistake of epic proportions. A mistake that someone, namely my hubby, shoulda caught ahead of time. But, seein' as how he IS a man, he cannot be held accountable.

I made two appointments for the same day. Two medical type appointments. The more pleasant of the two being the evening visit to the dentist. And, please note that I - the "white knuckle, fear of all fears (except birds), kicking and screaming, once avoided it for FIVE YEARS, that's how much I loath the dentist" girl - said "pleasant" and "dentist" in the same sentence. Which should be a forewarning to the nature of the first appointment....

Oh yes ladies, I saw THAT doctor first thing yesterday morning. And I can hear ya moaning from here.

So, yeah, I started my day explaining - AGAIN - why a woman of my age does not get the regular visits from Aunt Flo. Not that I was not a popular stop on her tour. In fact, I believe I may have been one of her all time favorite places to visit. Because her visits were L.O.N.G.! Long and eventful. In fact, I don't think that there was a single visit (including the very first "getting to know you" visit - that came AT SUMMER CAMP!!!!!!) that lasted less than ten days. And, yes, I did say TEN DAYS!!!! And that was when I was on the fun pill to keep them regular and maintainable. Oh, yeah, I was that girl!!! The one who missed AT LEAST one day of school a month from 7th grade through my Junior year because I could not go an entire hour without, "ya know", through TWO LAYERS OF PROTECTION!!!!


And then I had to explain, AGAIN, how it is that I have a four year old and a one year old in the midst of all of this. Because, apparently, the education process of SOME medical schools does not account for adoption.

Or manners.

Now, to be fair, I have friends and relatives in the medical profession who are MORE thank wise and polite.I'm just sayin' ... THESE brainiacs - not so much!

And THEN I had to endure one of those "talk to ya like you're sittin' at Starbucks, when you're actually DOWN THERE" kinda doctors. Joy of Joys!

And THEN - 'cause, ya know, all that wasn't enough - THEN, she asked about my WEIGHT! Seriously. COME ON!!!!

And after all that, I had to take a trip to the dentist.

Did I mention I love the dentist?

Yeah, I thought so.

So, gentlemen, you who were too stubborn to stop reading when I told you to, the next time a girl says "run away", I bet you'll be more inclined to listen, huh?

Can't say I didn't warn ya!

Have a great day.

And, by the way, I am now on my way BACK to the doctor's office for blood work.

And the hits just keep on comin'!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - A Weekend With 4,000 Of My Best Friends

***Please note - I did not have a camera, these photos are all taken with my CELL PHONE!!! Please do not mock the quality of the photos!***

Here are a few glimpses of my Breast Cancer 3day weekend ...

... but you will have to wait for the details, cause I am one tired sista/siesta.
Suffice it to say that it was Blessing upon Blessing and then topped off with, ya know, BLESSINGS!!!!