Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Fun Contest

Kristen over at We Are That Family is having a summer wrap up contest. Ya link to your favorite summer fun - or summer gone awry - post and there are door prizes etc...

Here is a link to the post that I entered, it was a great day!
If you have a fun summer post to share, go see Kristen

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last Days Of Quiet

We are having a pajama day here at the B** Manor. One of the last we will be having for a while. Our pajama days are numbered my friends. Numbered!

See, Hattie goes back to school next week. An event that we do NOT plan to take lightly. Because, as you may remember, our girl's first day of school got a little less fan fair than it deserved last year. For good reason, might I add. It seems that our Miss Sophie made her debut into the world on the same day.

Oh, we have pictures of her seeing her classroom and meeting her teacher and they are sweet. But her first time on the bus? Her first time coming home with her little back pack filled to the brim? Mommy in a puddle on the front lawn the first time that big 'ol bus drove away with her baby in it?

Yeah, we got NONE of that!

Which, as I said is understandable. But try to explain that to a little girl who wants to know where all of the school pics are. Oh, the pressure of being a mom.

It is rough.

And pretty great too!

Wouldn't trade it for the world!!!

But, back to today ...

We are having a pajama day. Because, well, they are fun. And the girls get to take it easy, which is good for them. And they are happy lying (laying?) around watching movies and reading stories and having tickle sessions. And they enjoy it. Plus, add to all of that the fact that I am just plain lazy and having a day where I get to hang out and enjoy my girlies and not worry about make up and hair products is pretty much a preview of Heaven for me! Everybody wins!!!!!!

So, in summation:
Today - pajama day ... FUN!!

7 Days from now - Hattie goes to school

9 Days from now - Sophie turns ONE YEAR OLD (and, ohhh, there will be a post THAT day!!!)

10 Days from now - LUAU to celebrate Sophie's big day and her adoption!!!

(all of this plus, in 8 days I get to have a date with my man to see STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention the preview of Heaven? Cause, yeah, I am pretty sure that when he gets there some poor angel in the choir is gonna be looking for a new gig!!!)

Ohhhhhh, we also dressed up like pirates today ...


(of couse Hattie refused to pose ... hmmm, maybe THAT's why we have no good pics from last year!!!)


Monday, August 25, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - Stop The CLock!!!

So, in 11 days, my baby will be a year old ...

... please forgive me as I submerge myself in memories and try to stop the clock.

(yeah, she is growing up ... so much joy, and yet ... STINK!!!)