Saturday, January 28, 2012


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I was out of town last week, so I have TWO weeks to show you ... aren't you just so lucky?!

Here we go:
Jan. 15 - girls in bed, feet up, hangin with my man!  Bliss!
Jan. 16 - My sleepy head morning girls... is silly ...
... then she's serious ...
... then the OTHER one gets silly ...
... and then it all falls apart!
Jan 17 - Water ... in my pretty new cup that my sweet man found. LOVE him!
Jan 18 - BOARDING PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOO HOO!
Jan 19 - I'm leavin ... on a jet plane ...
Headed to Houston to see some good friends, get a good Word and eat some good Mexican food!
Jan 20 - The worship was AH-MA-ZING!  Travis Cottrell knows how to bring me to my knees! GLORY!
Jan 21 - My pBFF Beth Moore giving us the "seal of approval"!  She told us a story about her grandson Jackson and his kindergarten class. They clap and bark like seals when they approve!

I just need to say that the Word that this woman brought was almost more than I could handle - OH what a Blessing!  SO proud to be a siesta!
Jan 22 - This guy made our guacamole right there at our table for us ... it was DIVINE!
Jan 23 - watching the sunrise from ABOVE the clouds on my way home from Houston!! (cell phone shot!)
Jan 24 - Eli ... practicing his big brother skills!  (cell phone shot)
Jan 25 - It is NEVER too early to learn of the beauty that is The Sound Of Music!!  Lots of singing and dancing along with that one. These girls are fans! (cell phone shots)
Jan 26 - Oh the fun to be had with a sink full of bubbles!
Jan 27 - The girls got these books for Christmas and then they kind of got swept away in the clean up.  I found em the other day and decided it was time to start prayer journals with the girls, since they are always asking what I'm writing in mine.  Hattie can write and she decided that she was thankful for Wilbur, Charlotte & Templeton (Charlotte's Web). She wrote their names and then drew pictures!  LOVE IT!!!
Sophie was thankful for the Veggie Tales and their Jonah movie. I wrote the names and she traced the letters and drew some pictures too!

I LOVE that they are learning so early to be thankful!  Praise Him!
Jan 28 - today's assignment was "light" ... this is my trusty ol $6 Coca-Cola lamp that I have had FOREVER!

Thanks Sara for hosting us, always such a fun adventure!

And ... how was YOUR week?!