Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Brave Little Missy

Hattie is a complex kid.

For the most part, she is VERY brave. But she does have a few things that she is not so comfortable with - like being barefoot. Girlie HATES to be barefoot, especially on a hard floor. I don't know why, I just know it is what it is.

She also hates to have her hair cut.

I mean she HATES to have her hair cut.

She wasn't always this way. She used to be great with haircuts. Then about a year and a half ago we were at one of those Super Great Fantastic Clippy places and she was in the chair. They were having a special and there was a girl blowing up balloons for the kids. Just as the lady doing her hair went in for the bangs a balloon popped behind her. Hattie whipped her head around to see it and the lady stabbed her in the forehead. It was no one's fault, but it did happen. And she has not liked cuts since ... can ya blame her?

Now, last summer she did well for a cut and I thought we were past all that. But the next time she needed a trim, for some reason, we were back to square one.

She hates haircuts!

Until last night ...

Our friend Mrs. Robin offered to give it a try. She even came to our house. I warned her it could get ugly, but she said she was brave. And, to our surprise, so was Hattie...

She climbed right up in that chair, I gave her a couple books and she sat there like a champ!

And Robin did a GREAT job with the cut ...

... which made Hattie feel special - special enough to strike a pose!!

Yes, suffice it to say that our girl likes her new cut!

When Hubbs got home she ran to him and said "look at me Daddy! Do you like it? Isn't it beautiful?"

And I cried.

And then I got MY hair cut too...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365 - Week 2

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I am just gonna tell you right here and right now ... I am OBSESSED with my new camera. Some of you asked me last week about it. It is a Nikon D40 and was a gift from my sons and daughter-in-love for Christmas. These boys came to me as a Blessing from my marriage, so technically, I am just their stepmom. I usually get a gift card from them or whatever I had put on my list, so this gift BLEW.ME.AWAY. Honestly, the fact that it came from THEM means even more than the camera itself.

But I surely do love my camera!!!!

OK, on to week two...

January 3 - Hattie is learning about letters and numbers in school. And, what Hattie does, Sophie does, so this is her favorite thing in the world lately. She can recognize every letter now and just about tell you what sound they each make. I am one proud mama!!!

January 4 - I had been slacking on my time with God and decided it was time to fix that. Hubbs went to the store and picked out a pretty new prayer journal and I pulled out some old devotionals. I also made a new (well, old, but too often ignored) rule that I can not turn on the computer until I have had my quiet time. And I do not know HOW I did life before this. Good stuff!!!

January 5 - OK, this kid is just flat out CUTE. That is all!

(I totally cheated on this one. I was in bed with a migraine all day Tuesday, so this was actually NOT taken on this day. But, she was still CUTE on this day!!)

January 6 - Playin with settings, I just went around the house and started clicking. This is our wedding candle. The 3 small candles were our traditional unity candles and then we lit the large 3 wick together to signify our unity with God - a chord of 3 strands is not easily broken.

January 7 - A proud moment for this mama ... Sophie's first Oreo. And the mystery is solved, she is a licker. She opened em up, licked (or picked) the cream off and then ate the cookie part. Just like her mama!

January 8 - Dedra knows ...

January 9 - I took my camera outside to play. I trudged through the snow to get lots of nature pics ... but this one was my favorite. And this is the one that was taken, literally, right outside my door!


So, that was our week. Join us at Sara's blog - it is a BLAST!