Saturday, November 16, 2013


**I stayed in my pajamas til I absolutely HAD to change so I could go to a photo shoot.

**I took pictures of an AMAZING family ... but even they can get a little silly.

**I came home and IMMEDIATELY put the pajamas right back on.

**We had a family date night.

**We went to Sonic and yes, I wore my pajamas.

**I am just kinda chill like that!

**I cried.  Because it has been SO long since I've worked out.

**I wondered "who is this person that I have become???"

**(secretly, I am kinda proud of her!)

**I determined that, since my ear only semi hurts today, I am working out on Monday, even if it explodes!


**I squealed when I worked on some of the pictures for OUR Christmas card.

**SOOOOOOOOO excited about this one!

**I fell even more in love with the man I married when he vacuumed the stairs for me.

**He is my rock.

Today ... was a very good day.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Remember When...

Friday nights used to be so ... fun. I used to go dancing, bar hopping, maybe a concert. I used to have fun.

But, then again, fun used to have a different definition....

Cause, "fun" used to mean something a LOT different than what it means now.

I used to think that dancing with friends - or even strangers - but not really connecting with anyone was a good time.  We used to go looking for guys, like I thought romance was really going to be found there. I mean, I guess some people do... my brother met his wife in a bar and they are happily married with three beautiful girls and all worked out well, but, ya know, that is not exactly the norm. But we were SURE we were going to find love on those dance floors.

The problem is, I was so AFRAID of meeting people that I used to have to drink to actually GET on the dance floors.  So, yeah, that was fun ... but not.

Looking back now, I wonder what WAS fun?

I did enjoy the dancing ... but not as much as I enjoy dancing now.

I enjoyed the concerts ... but not as much as I enjoy the sing alongs I get to do now.

I did NOT enjoy the drinking ... not as much as I do now anyway.

Cause, you see, now, on Friday nights I dance around the house with two little girls and sing along with Barbie or Princess movies or VBS DVD's or Veggie Tales and then we sit around drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows or cold milk with cookies to dunk.  And, now, if I'm really lucky, when those two little girls are in bed, I might get to dance around the kitchen in bare feet with the love of my life. Or, maybe we will just collapse onto the couch, exhausted, and drink each other in.

Or, maybe, one kid will fall asleep on the couch watching Christmas movies with mom. The other, in her own little world, will be sitting on the other end of the couch playing with toys and making up her own stories and conversations. And, their daddy - my love - might be stretched out on the love seat with his feet hanging off one end, wrapped in a blanket, snoring like a chainsaw. And I might sit on the la-z-boy, editing pictures, checking emails, writing a blog post and counting my Blessings.

And, knowing with all of my heart, that THIS is where true happiness lies.

THIS is what real fun is.

So, if you need me on a Friday night, you can usually find me having a whole new kind of good time. Making memories that will last forever. And thanking the Lord that THIS is the life I lead.

So Blessed.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

That Time I Wrote A Post That Was All Over The Place

Ummmmm ... I missed yesterday. Oops.

30 Days of Blogging FAIL!

So, I guess, in order to make it up to the 2 of you that read this, I should write a lovely, poetic little something that ... ummm ... yeah.

I do not have a single thing.


Hubby has been sick for six days. SIX DAYS.  That means he has been home. For SIX DAYS.

The poor man is climbing the walls.

I, on the other hand, have languished in the luxury of taking mid day showers, enjoying actual adult conversations, running childless to the grocery store, and all manner of decadent behavior.  Ya know, when I wasn't having my eardrum punctured and tubes inserted in a doctor's office, Followed by rushing home to get Hubby to a doctor and then medicating the snot out of him for the rest of the week.

Yeah ... so fun.

And the girls are flat out stir crazy from all of the NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE.

But, ya know, they did get to go school and junk.

Except when the bus went flying past the house ten minutes early without even slowing down to CHECK if kids might need a ride.  I mean, ya know, it was 32 degrees out there and the bus wasn't due for TEN MORE MINUTES, so why would the kids actually be outside?!?!  So, we went running out the door - just as the kids across the street were running out their door. I looked at the dad over there and we were all like "was that our bus?" "Naaaahhh, that couldn't have been OUR bus! It didn't even slow down!!" "No WAY that was our bus. It was ten minutes early!" "Nope ... not our bus. Let's play kickball with the kids!!"

We then watched as car after car after car drove past, filled with kids, backpacks and moms dressed in pajamas, sporting bed heads and mouths stuffed full of food and, in one case, a toothbrush. After a few minutes, we were all like "THAT WAS OUR BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So, ya know, we crammed our kids into our respective cars and sped off to school ourselves.

So fun.

And, just a side note to the mom who was wearing the very inappropriate nighty in the drop of line at the school (cause, I am SURE she reads my blog!!!): Sweet Girl, it is 32 degrees outside. THROW ON A HOODIE!!!!  Please and thank you!

And that is the end of my crazy rant.

Your welcome.

Oh ... and, ya know ... SQUIRREL!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Short And Sweet

I can barely form a coherent sentence. And, I really have no clue what my fingers are doing. So, this is just gonna be short and sweet.

(that means bullet points and a list ... see Sooz, I do it too!)

**I got tubes in my ear today.

**Apparently, I am a toddler.

**I CAN HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**And, y'all, that junk hurt. I found myself in envy of the babies who get to get sedated for it.

**I may have cried for my mommy somewhere in the midst of it all.

**The mean nurse may have giggled.

**Hubbs went to the doctor today too.

**I won't go into details, but I was right.  (OK, he was maybe, possibly, partially right. But I was VERY and for sure-ly right. BAM!)

**Hopefully the medication he is now on will fix the issue.

**Knowing he is not gonna die means I might actually sleep tonight.


**And, good night.


Sunday, November 10, 2013


I got nothin.

Been in my pajamas all day ... again. Although, I did take a shower this evening.

At which point, I put on new pajamas.


Hubby is still sick, so Sophie girl did not get to have her baptism today. It was pretty much her choice, she didn't want to do it without her daddy. He feels absolutely horrible that it didn't happen. She just looked at him and said "It's OK Daddy! I can get baptized another Sunday! Just get better."

Oh ... her heart ... she melts me.

I did get a LOT of editing done today. Almost all caught up, which is good since I have a bunch MORE photo shoots coming up.  YAY!

So, pray for the hubby. If he is not better in the morning, I am takin his handsome self into the doc. Whether he likes it or not.

He will sooooooo not like it.

But, ya know, I been working out and he is weak.

I can totally take him.

See ya tomorrow!