Monday, November 11, 2013

Short And Sweet

I can barely form a coherent sentence. And, I really have no clue what my fingers are doing. So, this is just gonna be short and sweet.

(that means bullet points and a list ... see Sooz, I do it too!)

**I got tubes in my ear today.

**Apparently, I am a toddler.

**I CAN HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**And, y'all, that junk hurt. I found myself in envy of the babies who get to get sedated for it.

**I may have cried for my mommy somewhere in the midst of it all.

**The mean nurse may have giggled.

**Hubbs went to the doctor today too.

**I won't go into details, but I was right.  (OK, he was maybe, possibly, partially right. But I was VERY and for sure-ly right. BAM!)

**Hopefully the medication he is now on will fix the issue.

**Knowing he is not gonna die means I might actually sleep tonight.


**And, good night.


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