Sunday, November 10, 2013


I got nothin.

Been in my pajamas all day ... again. Although, I did take a shower this evening.

At which point, I put on new pajamas.


Hubby is still sick, so Sophie girl did not get to have her baptism today. It was pretty much her choice, she didn't want to do it without her daddy. He feels absolutely horrible that it didn't happen. She just looked at him and said "It's OK Daddy! I can get baptized another Sunday! Just get better."

Oh ... her heart ... she melts me.

I did get a LOT of editing done today. Almost all caught up, which is good since I have a bunch MORE photo shoots coming up.  YAY!

So, pray for the hubby. If he is not better in the morning, I am takin his handsome self into the doc. Whether he likes it or not.

He will sooooooo not like it.

But, ya know, I been working out and he is weak.

I can totally take him.

See ya tomorrow!

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