Saturday, April 5, 2008

Then Sings My Soul - One Touch

The first time I heard this song was a Women Of Faith concert ... I wish I could explain what this song did to my heart. I have been this woman. I have been to the place of KNOWING that the touch of HIM is the one and only thing that can heal me and make me whole. Both physically and spiritually whole and healed.

I debated between the video version and the live version. I opted for live because it is easy to put the "passion" face on in a video, but live and in concert, not so much. The passion has to be real. Nicole C. Mullen HAS that passion and it shows!!! Plus, the ribbon dancer - so beautiful.

I hope you enjoy it.

Dive through the crowd. Touch the garment. He WILL touch you back.

I promise.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Things

So, over at "Faithful Chick", she is talking about her favorite things... And she had this video going -

and ya KNOW I can't resist me some Julie Andrews. 'Cause I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE Julie Andrews. If it weren't for the fact that I had the very best mommy in the whole wide world, I would've TOTALLY wished that Julie Andrews would come be my nanny and then eventually marry my dad and have a HUGE royal type wedding and become my mom .... well, you get it!
ANYHOO - the point is to list your favorite things. And this is the BATHROOM edition, so I have to pick the stuff I cannot live without in my bathroom. So, here goes:

Bath and Body's antibacterial soap - to be honest, I have this stuff at every sink in my house ... including the laundry room!!!!
Neutrogena Healthy Defense TINTED moisturizer - because wearing liquid make up BREAKS ME OUT!!! (Could someone pass the memo on to my skin that HELLO, I am gonna be 40 soon!!!!)
Loreal Mineral powder foundation - see above!
Aussie hair products. I have tried the expensive stuff (a LOT of it!!) and always come back to Aussie. It is only $3-$4 each and I can usually find it as a BOGO (that's Buy One Get One for you Payless shoe rookies!!).

And the number one thing that I can NOT live without in my morning routine is ...

Sophie's swing. This is where she takes her AM nap while Hattie is at school. Without it, I would NEVER get a shower!!!!!!!

She May Have A Future In Cosmotology!!

It seems our Miss Hattie has a hair fixation. She comes home at LEAST once a week with her very own, self produced hair highlights.

Yep, she colors her hair - with the help of ...

... Mr. Elmer - as in Elmer's Glue!

Hey - at least she's not EATING the paste!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just a Couple Of Quick Updates ...

...and prayer requests.

Hattie had been having some issues at school before Spring Break. Remember while Hubby was in Florida I had to pick her up from school 'cause she was having a meltdown. Then the next week (and I had not shared this here yet) her teacher had pneumonia and the other teacher (aide I think) was out as well. I sent her the first few days of the week but after getting a "mixed signal" report from the sub, decided to keep her home the rest of the week. Turns out - for reasons I won't detail - that it was the best choice!!! She is back this week and is doing OK, but we traced back the issues to when we started potty training. We spoke with a friend at church (thanks Kelly N.!!) and have realized that the potty thing may have been the issue. See, speech and language issues often times go hand in had with sensory issues (the complexity with which God designed us AMAZES me!!!) and as potty training is HIGHLY sensoral, she may have been having trouble taking it all in. So we have stepped back on the PT thin and are letting her call the shots. IF she asks we take her, but absolutely no pressure! Seems to be helping.
Also, we are looking into putting her into a more intense speech therapy on top of what she gets at school. Kelly gave us some names and we are meeting with a therapist on Friday to discuss our options. I am soooo excited at the thought of being able to get her more help, but also a bit anxious about what we will learn. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be in prayer for our sweet girl! I want so badly for her to be able to share her heart with us and to vocalize her feelings. OH, the potential that this brilliant girl has stored up inside her - I just want her to become all that God has designed her to be!!!! Please pray!

Sophie is still having sinus issues. We have begun - and invite and IMPLORE you to do the same - specifically praying for her sinuses to clear and for her breathing to improve. She is old enough to be in her own room and the longer we wait to move her the harder it will be on EVERYONE. However, we are nervous to have her so far away because of her breathing.
Also, this weekend we are having a visit with Sophie's birth family!!! We are really looking forward to seeing the girls together and I am looking forward to seeing Kim! I really enjoy her company and am so pleased that they are finally comfortable enough to let this happen!!!
Please pray that the visit goes smoothly and is a good experience for all of us!!!!

OK, that is all I got - I know it was not as short as I may have led ya to believe. But, ya know, it is ME talking, so what did you expect?!?!?!

Blog at ya later!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - Growing Girls

***Please be sure to let me know how ya like the new layout!!!***

These are some older pictures as well as a few newer ones, 'cause my girls, they are a growin'.


is in a big girl bed and getting sooooo independent!


is sitting up, eating chunkier foods and gave ME a kiss yesterday!!!

On one hand - STOP THE TIME!!! On the other hand, I can't wait to see what they come up with next!!!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes ...

(Forgive me, I do believe that I stole that title from one of the mamas - either Boo or Big!!)
Anyhoo - I have been studying the fine art of "Blog Template Pretty-fying", before you ask, YES - it IS and art!!! As I visited the many blogs at the blog party a few weeks ago I was immediately struck with a serious case of blog covetousness. And, seeing as how coveting is breaking a commandment and therefore a SIN, I decided to do less coveting and go out and get my own.
HOWEVER - the getting my own thing, it turned out to be quite the pricey adventure! And it led me to think (which I sometimes do - if I am ever, ya know, alone long enough to get the thought out!) that if I can figure this thing out maybe I can create beautiful templates for myself and possibly, someday, others!!!! I am not at the "others" point yet, but I like what I have created for me.
I am still trying to figure out a way to make the table that the posts sit on less transparent (therefore less distracting), but I liked it enough to give it a try.

SO, what do ya think? Let me know.
Kate - I had to change the pic, cause the template called for a black and white, but I think this one is good. How about you?

Anyhoo - Picture Perfect Monday is coming soon....

God Bless!!
(really, let me know...)