Monday, March 31, 2008

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes ...

(Forgive me, I do believe that I stole that title from one of the mamas - either Boo or Big!!)
Anyhoo - I have been studying the fine art of "Blog Template Pretty-fying", before you ask, YES - it IS and art!!! As I visited the many blogs at the blog party a few weeks ago I was immediately struck with a serious case of blog covetousness. And, seeing as how coveting is breaking a commandment and therefore a SIN, I decided to do less coveting and go out and get my own.
HOWEVER - the getting my own thing, it turned out to be quite the pricey adventure! And it led me to think (which I sometimes do - if I am ever, ya know, alone long enough to get the thought out!) that if I can figure this thing out maybe I can create beautiful templates for myself and possibly, someday, others!!!! I am not at the "others" point yet, but I like what I have created for me.
I am still trying to figure out a way to make the table that the posts sit on less transparent (therefore less distracting), but I liked it enough to give it a try.

SO, what do ya think? Let me know.
Kate - I had to change the pic, cause the template called for a black and white, but I think this one is good. How about you?

Anyhoo - Picture Perfect Monday is coming soon....

God Bless!!
(really, let me know...)

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