Saturday, March 15, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

I am still not sure what a "meme" is, but this is one that I could not resist. Apparantly you are supposed to pick a song that speaks to you and post it on your bloggy site. Music? THat speaks to me? OH, I CAN DO THAT!!!!!

Here goes:

Casting Crowns; The Voice Of Truth

If there is only one voice that I ever hear or choose to listen to, Please Lord - let it be YOURS!!!

God Bless you all!!!!!

(if you would like to find more posts of "songs that speak", head of to Signs, Miracle & Wonders to find out where to go!!)

Doin' The Daddy's Home Praise Dance!!!!

I do believe that even the Angels are rejoicing, 'cause ...


He got home late last night - oh my it was sooooooo good to see that handsome face! And because he got in so late I got him all to myself!!!! Oooooohhhhhh Yeeeaaaahhh!!!

Then this morning, by the sweet Grace of God, the girls woke up at about the same time. I got Sophie out of her bed and took her to ours. That is where she saw her Daddy. I have no words to describe the look of utter joy on that sweet little face. Her legs were kickin' and arms were a-flappin' to beat the band. She was one happy baby. I let them bond and went to get Hattie and bring her down to join the party. I told her I had a big surprise for her as we walked into the bedroom. All she could see at first was Sophie and that was NOT too thrilling. But then she heard her Daddy's voice and that caused her to gasp with excitement ... and. OH. when she saw his face, her own face lit up like the sun. SOOOOOOOOOO WONDERFUL!!!

Here are a few pictures (and commentary!!) of the "family bed party".

"Daddy, is that really you?"

"Mommy look ... its DADDY!!!"

Minnie Mouse - a perfectly respectable (and even tasty!!) first Disney Charachter!

"Hey sister, what did Daddy bring you?"

"It's Squirt. I LOVE Squirt!!" (Squirt if from Finding Nemo)

"Back with my girls!! Life is good!!!"

And even though he SAYS he thinks I have too many hoodies, I KNOW he secretly likes 'em now 'cause he brought me a new one!!!!

So, since we are doing a praise dance, I have to wonder. Seeing the joy on those little faces when they saw their daddy makes me ask... How much bigger will the joy on OUR faces be when we see our Father's face in Heaven? Good Golly, I can NOT wait!!!!

Gotta get back to the party!!!
Blog at ya soon

PS - Hattie is watching Nemo in a whole new way ....

... with PROPS!!!!

I LOVE my life!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh, Bother...

Well, we are on day four of the "no daddy" week and, let me tell you ... It is showing! And not just on me (I have not had a shower since Monday - every time I try, something happens!). I am gonna try again a little later. Maybe while Hattie is eating lunch...? We will see.

******UPDATE - I got my shower!!!! Thank you Jesus for long naps - Sophie, not Hattie, and girls who can play in the tub while mommy showers and watches through the shower door like a paranoid mad woman!!********

Hattie is missing him a LOT - she does not know how to express it but I can tell she does. She had a meltdown at school today and I had to go pick her up. This is HIGHLY unusual. She LOVES school! The only thing I can think of is that she is missing him. I know how she feels!

I tried to post some videos that I took with my ever so functional (if not highly pretty) cell phone, but I can't get em to show. I actually had them all on and posted it and was so proud of me ... til I realized that there were just some big boxes with little red X's in the corners. BOO!

They were cute - wish you could see em.

The good news is, if the dudes that are breaking into houses here in town try it here, they will get one whiff/look at me and RUN the other way! So, yeah, my hubby is several states away and a friend of mine had someone try to get into her house this morning.
Do ya think I am anxious for tomorrow.

Cause, ya know, MAN COMES HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!

Blog at ya later!!!

PS - Baby, if you are reading this, I have locked and rechecked all doors and they will NOT be open again til you are here to do it! Fresh air is overrated anyway.

Apparently, so is a shower ... I will try to get THAT done before you come home!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We Made It To Wednesday!!!

OK, everyone who is missing the man of the house raise your hand.

You can't see it, but there are hands raisin' up all over the place here in the B Manor!!!!!

I have two hands and a foot up. I would have BOTH feet up but then not only would I be falling, but how could I type?!?!?!

"Just kiddin', just kiddin'". (Quote is a private joke to the man!!)

So, yesterday my man - who is in Florida - was very close to where they were getting ready to launch the space shuttle. You must understand that he is THE ULTIMATE lover of all things aeronautic (hey Honey - do ya like the big word?) and spacey. So, needless to say the fact that he was close enough to actually witness this event was HUGE!! The launch was scheduled for 2:30ish in the AM!!! So he set the alarm for 1:00 so he could drive to get a good view of it. I was so excited for him, couldn't wait to hear all about it! So I called him first thing yesterday morning before his class and wanted to hear all about it. "I fell asleep" was all he said. Apparently the alarm got turned off a bit too soon and he fell back to sleep. HEARTBREAKING!!!!

I am sooooooooo very sad for him. My heart breaks for him because I know how much being at something like this would have meant to him. Poor fella! I wish there was a way I could provide some way for him to have been there for it. I have thought about getting him plane tickets to be there for another launch - even looked up the schedule on the NASA sight. However, these things are so hit and miss - one little raindrop or cross wind and they have to reschedule. I would hate to send him out and have it canceled! Any ideas bloggy friends?

On the home front, We are doing well - missin the daddy and hubby though. Hattie keeps looking for him and had a very sad moment yesterday when she thought she saw his car and ran to the door to meet him and I had to tell her - and show her - that daddy was not there. MANY tears over that one!
And last night when he called and I had him on speaker Sophie was looking all around for him and her little feet were kicking and she was bouncing and so excited!! It was so sweet, I wish he had been here to see it! This morning she kept trying to grab the phone cause while I was talking to him she heard him and saw his picture on the screen and just wanted her daddy!!!! So sweet!
I miss him too. A lot. A lot, A LOT!!!!
The house makes funny noises and is so quiet at the same time - how does THAT work? I miss watching the girls get excited when he gets home. I miss watching him greet them and kiss them and talk to them and then come and kiss me! I miss hearing his voice in the morning. I miss him next to me at night. I miss smelling coffee all through the house. I miss straightening his side of the bed. I miss eating dinner and hearing about his day and telling him about mine. I miss watching him read to Hattie and tell her "goodnight Girlie" and she says " I love you too Daddy" sometimes before he even says it first 'cause she KNOWS he WILL say it. Because she knows he does love her. I miss the way Sophie lights up when he walks in the room and laughs with him the way she laughs with no one else!

I miss HIM!

I love you baby - come home soon. Two more nights!!!

Your Buttercup!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Day - by Hattie

Dear Daddy,
Mommy says that she promised you that she would let you know what we are up to while you are gone. But Mommy says that I can tell you ... ya know, 'cause I'm such a great conversationalist and all!!!
So, first of all I went to school. Mommy and I ice skated down the driveway to the bus, so while I was gone and Sophie was sleeping Mommy went out and chipped the ice away, shoveled the drive and spread some salt. Aren't you proud of her?
Sophie is

When I came home we had some lunch.

It was all very healthy and all food groups were accounted for - 'cause Pringles are POTATOES and POTATOES are VEGGIES!!!

Don't worry Mommy says there will be tomato sauce on my pizza tonight ... mmmm pizza!

Then Mommy had to change Soapy - she exploded in her outfit. Mommy says no pictures please! While she changed her I found something to do and got stuck!

After she left me there FOREVER while she got the camera, deleted some pics to make room on the disk, changed the batteries and took pictures (while laughing her b'hiney off), she finally got me out. I soon found something else to do.

AMAZING how much fun you can have with an empty bottle and a dryer sheet!!!

Oh, and Mommy also let me push the button on the camera!!! (don't roll your eyes like that. I was careful!)
This is me:

And here's Soapy:

I did a good job huh?!?!?!
I miss you daddy and I love you!!!
Soapy misses you too - nobody tickles her and makes her laugh like you do!

And mommy, well mommy misses you the very most! She loves you like crazy and can't wait til you get home!!!
Your Girlie

PS - mommy asked me to add this picture since you missed it:

She is so sorry that you missed it!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - Just Like Her Sis

1,000 words in pictures (and one sentence)!

Little Sophie has a goal - to be just like her big sis, which includes studying every frame of the movie "cars" closely ...

VERY closely,

splashing in the tub,

AND closely watching, so as to someday reproduce, all the dance moves of that water groovin' genius that IS Hattie!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Anyone Got A Hankie?!?!

My man is leaving for Florida for a week .... This is where I start blubbering like a big 'ol baby!!!!

Please excuse me for a moment ... talk amongst yourselves - I'll give you a subject ...

Rhode Island : Neither Road, nor Island ...


You would think we were in love or something!!!! Ladies, I am gonna need some MAJOR intercessory prayer-in'!!! One mommy, two little girls. I am way outnumbered!!!!

Plus ... I am without my man.

Great, here I go again.

Hankie? Anyone? Bueller?