Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh, Bother...

Well, we are on day four of the "no daddy" week and, let me tell you ... It is showing! And not just on me (I have not had a shower since Monday - every time I try, something happens!). I am gonna try again a little later. Maybe while Hattie is eating lunch...? We will see.

******UPDATE - I got my shower!!!! Thank you Jesus for long naps - Sophie, not Hattie, and girls who can play in the tub while mommy showers and watches through the shower door like a paranoid mad woman!!********

Hattie is missing him a LOT - she does not know how to express it but I can tell she does. She had a meltdown at school today and I had to go pick her up. This is HIGHLY unusual. She LOVES school! The only thing I can think of is that she is missing him. I know how she feels!

I tried to post some videos that I took with my ever so functional (if not highly pretty) cell phone, but I can't get em to show. I actually had them all on and posted it and was so proud of me ... til I realized that there were just some big boxes with little red X's in the corners. BOO!

They were cute - wish you could see em.

The good news is, if the dudes that are breaking into houses here in town try it here, they will get one whiff/look at me and RUN the other way! So, yeah, my hubby is several states away and a friend of mine had someone try to get into her house this morning.
Do ya think I am anxious for tomorrow.

Cause, ya know, MAN COMES HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!

Blog at ya later!!!

PS - Baby, if you are reading this, I have locked and rechecked all doors and they will NOT be open again til you are here to do it! Fresh air is overrated anyway.

Apparently, so is a shower ... I will try to get THAT done before you come home!!!

2 of ya left some love:

La Familia Garcia said...

you're making it through the week! Good luck on the rest of the week. We serve a big God.

Kate said...

Woo hoo!

Say...are you doing a 3 day walk...and if so...where? I worked out with a friend of mine who was prepping for the Denver 3 day walk. I didn't go 'cause I didn't want to have to raise $$, but I do want to do that sometime. We were up to 18 miles every weekend...she did more, but I had church and stuff. :)
Did you do movie maker or did you just try to load the vid's from your camera. If you did the camera thing, then it may just be too big to put on your blog...the blog will only hold about a min & a half video time.
I loaded my vid's from the camera, and put it on my windows movie maker (which most puters under 4years old have), and then had to sign up with Mydeo in order to put it on my blog. Every program is self explanatory and I have complete confidence in your movie making