Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We Made It To Wednesday!!!

OK, everyone who is missing the man of the house raise your hand.

You can't see it, but there are hands raisin' up all over the place here in the B Manor!!!!!

I have two hands and a foot up. I would have BOTH feet up but then not only would I be falling, but how could I type?!?!?!

"Just kiddin', just kiddin'". (Quote is a private joke to the man!!)

So, yesterday my man - who is in Florida - was very close to where they were getting ready to launch the space shuttle. You must understand that he is THE ULTIMATE lover of all things aeronautic (hey Honey - do ya like the big word?) and spacey. So, needless to say the fact that he was close enough to actually witness this event was HUGE!! The launch was scheduled for 2:30ish in the AM!!! So he set the alarm for 1:00 so he could drive to get a good view of it. I was so excited for him, couldn't wait to hear all about it! So I called him first thing yesterday morning before his class and wanted to hear all about it. "I fell asleep" was all he said. Apparently the alarm got turned off a bit too soon and he fell back to sleep. HEARTBREAKING!!!!

I am sooooooooo very sad for him. My heart breaks for him because I know how much being at something like this would have meant to him. Poor fella! I wish there was a way I could provide some way for him to have been there for it. I have thought about getting him plane tickets to be there for another launch - even looked up the schedule on the NASA sight. However, these things are so hit and miss - one little raindrop or cross wind and they have to reschedule. I would hate to send him out and have it canceled! Any ideas bloggy friends?

On the home front, We are doing well - missin the daddy and hubby though. Hattie keeps looking for him and had a very sad moment yesterday when she thought she saw his car and ran to the door to meet him and I had to tell her - and show her - that daddy was not there. MANY tears over that one!
And last night when he called and I had him on speaker Sophie was looking all around for him and her little feet were kicking and she was bouncing and so excited!! It was so sweet, I wish he had been here to see it! This morning she kept trying to grab the phone cause while I was talking to him she heard him and saw his picture on the screen and just wanted her daddy!!!! So sweet!
I miss him too. A lot. A lot, A LOT!!!!
The house makes funny noises and is so quiet at the same time - how does THAT work? I miss watching the girls get excited when he gets home. I miss watching him greet them and kiss them and talk to them and then come and kiss me! I miss hearing his voice in the morning. I miss him next to me at night. I miss smelling coffee all through the house. I miss straightening his side of the bed. I miss eating dinner and hearing about his day and telling him about mine. I miss watching him read to Hattie and tell her "goodnight Girlie" and she says " I love you too Daddy" sometimes before he even says it first 'cause she KNOWS he WILL say it. Because she knows he does love her. I miss the way Sophie lights up when he walks in the room and laughs with him the way she laughs with no one else!

I miss HIM!

I love you baby - come home soon. Two more nights!!!

Your Buttercup!

3 of ya left some love:

The B's said...

I get the impression you miss Steve. You write so eloquently ans with such humor. This is why I think you should write a book. You might want to wait a few years until the girls are older and you have more time.

Kysha said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love what your background reads. You have some cuties. I love the picks.Looks like someone is regressing back to infancy. LOL I love the pic of your dd in the little baby activity center. Seems like there's a lot of fun at your home. Have a blessed day!

Pam said...

Praying for you as you await the return of your man. May the Lord Himself comfort you.