Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Day - by Hattie

Dear Daddy,
Mommy says that she promised you that she would let you know what we are up to while you are gone. But Mommy says that I can tell you ... ya know, 'cause I'm such a great conversationalist and all!!!
So, first of all I went to school. Mommy and I ice skated down the driveway to the bus, so while I was gone and Sophie was sleeping Mommy went out and chipped the ice away, shoveled the drive and spread some salt. Aren't you proud of her?
Sophie is

When I came home we had some lunch.

It was all very healthy and all food groups were accounted for - 'cause Pringles are POTATOES and POTATOES are VEGGIES!!!

Don't worry Mommy says there will be tomato sauce on my pizza tonight ... mmmm pizza!

Then Mommy had to change Soapy - she exploded in her outfit. Mommy says no pictures please! While she changed her I found something to do and got stuck!

After she left me there FOREVER while she got the camera, deleted some pics to make room on the disk, changed the batteries and took pictures (while laughing her b'hiney off), she finally got me out. I soon found something else to do.

AMAZING how much fun you can have with an empty bottle and a dryer sheet!!!

Oh, and Mommy also let me push the button on the camera!!! (don't roll your eyes like that. I was careful!)
This is me:

And here's Soapy:

I did a good job huh?!?!?!
I miss you daddy and I love you!!!
Soapy misses you too - nobody tickles her and makes her laugh like you do!

And mommy, well mommy misses you the very most! She loves you like crazy and can't wait til you get home!!!
Your Girlie

PS - mommy asked me to add this picture since you missed it:

She is so sorry that you missed it!

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Kate said...

I'm not daddy, but that was pretty doggone cute. I prayed a quick "thank you" for no more explosions for me...or eruptions for that matter.