Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Five ...

Dear Sophie Lee,

Five years ago today I watched you take your first breath.  I will never forget the moment they placed you in my arms. I was the first to hold you. Your Mama Kim wanted me to be first since I would be your mommy.  I got to hear your first cry, watch your first bath, put your first piece of jewelry - your hospital i.d. bracelet - on you and you took your very first nap on my chest.  Words cannot explain the Blessing that day was to me. 

And every day since then, being your mama, has brought me great joy.

Yes, I watched you take that first breath. I was there for your first word (which, FYI, was "mo" ... as in give me "mo" of that banana!!!), your first steps, your first tooth, your first LOST tooth and so many more of your firsts. 

But yesterday, I was there for a VERY big first.

It started a week ago, when you got your very first glimpse of your next big adventure ... KINDERGARTEN!
 You were SO excited to check out your classroom and meet your teachers!
 Of COURSE you found the class microphone ... talking has always been your "thang"!
 You found your name and sat in your seat for the first time.
 And you walked the halls with your big sister, your best friend, your hero! 
 And then ...
 ... with great excitement and joy ...
 ... you DANCED all the way to the car! 
 And a week later, it was time to let you loose in this big giant building ... so big for someone so small!
 And yesterday, you put on the clothes you had picked out for the big day, strapped on that heavy back pack full of school supplies and the lunch (with a love note from your mommy tucked down deep) that you packed yourself , and declared yourself ready to go...
 And, truly, I don't know that I have ever seen you more excited about a thing in this world.

YOU, my wee little baby girl, were ready for school. 
 The big yellow bus came ...
 ... and you climbed in without ever looking back.  Off into the world went my baby girl.
 Once you got to school and found yourself in that big crowd of people, you seemed a little anxious about it all. But not for long ...
 Soon enough, you were hand in hand with Mrs. Olcese and walking away from me - again, not looking back. 

And, as I sat there, with tears streaming down my face, I realized that while I lived a dream five years ago when I watched you come into this world, now YOU were living YOUR dream!  You have wanted on that bus for as long as I can remember. Even sneaking on with Hattie and making me come up and get you a few times.

But now, THIS bus was for you. And you bravely climbed on and faced the adventure head on.

And, sweet girl, I am so very proud of you!

Sophie, five years ago I could never have imagined the amazing girl you would grow to be. You are the sweetest spirit I know. You LOVE people with all that you are and you seek joy in every step you take. You are music set in a body and you are adventure with skin on. 

Being your mama is truly one of my greatest joys. I am so head over heart in love with you, my sweet, sweet girl, that words could never tell you of my love.

I love who you are becoming and I am HONORED to be the one chosen to lead you through this life. 

I pray that I will lead you with honor and dignity and grace. 

I pray that I will lead you to the One who loved you first ... and loves you most.

I pray that I can be the mama that you need and deserve and WANT me to be.

I pray that I can love you well and make you as proud as you make me.

Because, OH, my girl, I do love you so. 

You and your sister and brothers and, of course, your daddy are my greatest joys in this life. I love you all with all that I am. Forever and ever and ever and ever.

To infinity and beyond.

Forever and a day.

I love you,

                      Your Mama