Sunday, June 13, 2010

Project 365 - Weeks 22, 23 & 24

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Yeah ... I'm playin catch up again.

I have no excuses except to say it has been nuts. That is all ...

Here we go!
May 23: Cars - This is what ya get when Daddy watches NASCAR ... so, basically, every stinkin Sunday!

May 24: Rose Garden - the first official rose has blossomed on one of the bushes out front! We had no idea what color they would be, but I love me some pink!

May 25: Picnic - One of the best parts of having a fenced backyard. The kids can play outside while we cook dinner. Daddy grills while mama gets the rest ready! LOVE it!

May 26: Another One Down - She lost another tooth. And, yet again, she pulled it herself! (taken with cell phone ... yuck)

May 27: Aaron - He said the bass was too heavy on his shoulders ... so he hung it on his head.

Ummm ... ok.

May 28: Oh No - PLEASE tell me this aint right. This would be why I LEFT Arizona!

May 29: Haircut - OK, I confess, this was actually taken on the 28th, but I can NOT find the pic for this day. Oooops!

May 30: Rose Garden Part II - The second bush has blossomed and these are a fun orange/red swirl!!

May 31: Remember - It says it all.

June 1: Clouds - Love me a pretty sky!

June 2: Decor - It's starting to look more and more like home as more and more stuff makes it up on the walls!

June 3: Fish Fly - every year about this time they come ...
... the lovely fish fly. Which can only mean it's just a matter of time til the streets are covered in their carcasses and the town starts smellin like dead fish!


June 4: The Plane! The Plane! - She likes planes.

We live near an airbase.

She is a happy girl.

And her daddy is a VERY happy man!

June 5: Photo Shoot - My first official photo shoot as a paid photographer!

June 6: Kayla - She graduated today! SO proud of her!

June 7: Seven - Our 7th anniversary. I LOVE that man of mine!

June 8: Window - A very good friend of ours made this window for us as a wedding present for a VERY big window that was in the bathroom of our first house. THIS house has no windows in the master bathroom ... but that was not about to stop me from hanging it up. (Used to be twice as big. It's been cut in two and the other half is hanging in the upstairs bathroom over the window in there.)

June 9: Quack - This guy has been around a while. We have named him Timex, cause he takes a lickin and keeps on ... well ... quackin.

Seriously, due to an unfortunate wet bed incident he had to be put through the washer ... and he STILL quacks when ya squeeze him!

June 10: Eli - LOVE this baby boy!

June 11: Clouds Part II - and, yes, it was taken with the cell phone ... while I was driving ... on the interstate.

Kids - do NOT try this at home!

June 12: POOL! - It was FINALLY time to hit the pool. The girls were VERY excited! In fact, Sophie got a little TOO excited ... but that is a story for another day.

June 13: WINNER! - I got to deliver the Kate Carlson CD/EP to the winner - Miss Amanda - at church this morning. We took a pic together but somehow it did not get saved, so I asked her to take a new one for me - this is with her webcam but she said I had to doctor it up ;-)

(Can ya see why I call her SuperModel?!)

So, how was YOUR week?